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 OM DATES 2021


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Next ENGLISH OM's with Petra:

June 16, 2021, 7:30 pm CEST:

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Nächstes DEUTSCHES OM m.Petra

30. Juni 2021 um 19:30 Uhr 

Direkter Link:

Next dates: 

July 7

July 28

August 18

Sept. 8

Sept. 29

Oct. 20

Nov. 11

Dec. 01, 22

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(Global Meetings)

alternately with Vasilii Stepanovich and Petra Ruether on Tuesdays (all 3 weeks)

NEXT DATE: Vasilij Stepanovich: 

June 22 (Tuesday) 2021

at 20:00/ 8 pm CET

in 3-weeks-rythm


NEXT DATE: Petra Ruether

July 13, (Tuesday) 2021

contact to Russian Community: 

House of Friends:


Community Hour with Ase (Norway)

Monday and Thursdays, 20:00/ 8:00 pm  CEST

English and Norwegian


Community Hour with Meabh (Ireland)

To be hosted the first monday of every Month and when there is a 5 week month it will be hosted a silent community hour. 

Mondays: 20:00/ 8:00 pm CEST

in English



Our planet Earth, human, animal and plant kingdom 

need the power of love and peace. 


we want to create a concentrated power 

by tuning in to the DIVINE ENERGY 

and ask and pray for uplifting.    

If you are honestly interested to help and to pray 

for a better world for us all in the spirit of LOVE and PEACE, 

please subscribe the form and we will send you the link of participation.

Duration: 30 - 45 minutes

Please subscribe the form: 

First Name:
Last Name:
Address 1:

We are looking forward of joining us.

Please write urgently your name, Email, City and Country. THANKS!!

Here find you further links for login to our ONLINE COMMUNITY HOURS:

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Just type your real name and click OK, then you are in: 

Please look at the actually dates below.)

Protocols of past OM Sessions with Petra:

Past sessions you may watch in live recordings here:

English OM session Sept. 25, 2019

OM Script 25 Sept 2019.docx

English OM session Dec. 12, 2018

OM Script 12.12.18 English.docx

English OM session 16.05.2018

OM Script 16 May 2018 English.docx

English OM session: 04.04.2018

OM Script 04.04.2018.docx

English OM session: 21.02.2018

OM Script 21.02.2018.docx

English OM session: 31.01.2018

OM Script 31.01.2018.docx

English OM session: 21.01.2018

OM Script 21.02.2018.docx

English OM session: 13.12.2017

OM Protocoll E 13.12.2017.docx

English OM session 22.11.2017

OM Protokoll E 22.11.2017.docx

English OM session 01.11.2017

OM Protocol E 01.11.2017.docx

English OM session 11.10.2017

OM Protocol E 11.10.2017 .docx

English OM session 20.09.2017

OM Script 20.09.2017.docx

English OM session 30.08.2017

look at here

English OM session 09.08.2017

look at here

English OM session 19.07.2017

look at here

English OM session 28.06.2017

look at here

English OM session 17.05.2017

look at here

English OM Session 26.04.2017

look at here

English Session, 16.11.2016

OM Script 16.11.16.docx

English Session 26.10.2016

OM Script 26.10.16.docx

English Session 05.10.2016

OM Script 05.10.16.docx

English Session 24.08.2016

OM Script 24.08.2016.docx

Song about Maria Magdalene with translations under "Lyrics"

English Session 03.08.2016

OM Script 03.08.2016.docx

English Session 13.07.2016

OM Script 13.07.2016.docx

English Session 22.06.2016

OM Script 22.06.16.docx

English Session 01.06.2016

OM Script 01.06.2016.docx

English session 11.05.2016

OM Script 11.05.16.docx

English session 20.04.2016

OM Script 20.04.16-2.docx

English session 30.03.2016 

OM Script 30.03.16-2.docx

English session 09.03.2016

OM Script 09.03.16-2.docx

English session 17.02.2016

OM Script 17.02.16.docx

International Session 26.01.2016, Sound Record

MEMORIAL DAY of Bruno Gröning's passing                                          170 participants

English Session 13.01.2016                                                                             84 participants 

OM of Souls 13th January 2016.docx

NEWYEAR-Special Session 30.12.2015:


                                   100 participants!!

       << Lecture of Bruno Gröning 19.04.1951 (excerpt)

English Session 16.12.2015

OM Script 16.12.2015-2.docx

English Session 25.11.2015

OM Script 25.11.15.docx

English Session  04.11.2015

OM Script 04.11.15.docx

English session 23.09.2015

OM Script 23.09.15.docx

62 attendees, 16 different countries

BG 06.10.1958-23.09.15.docx
<<<Lecture (excerpt) of Bruno Gröning in Springe06.10.1958

English Session, 02.09.2015

OM Script 02.09.15.docx

<<< Lecture of Bruno Gröning in Springe, 

 05.10.1958 / excerpt

German Session

English Session: 12.08.2015

OM 12.08.15 BG Vortr. Ameise.docx

<<<   Lecture of Bruno Gröning in Karlsruhe 

05.10.1957 /excerpt

OM Script 12.08.15.docx
61 attendees, 15 different countries

German session: 29.07.2015

OM Deutsch 29.07.15-2.docx
115 Teilnehmer aus 16 Ländern

English Session 22.07.2015

OM Script 22.07.15-2.docx

English Session 01.07.2015

OM script 01.07.15-2.docx
67 attendees from 16 countries

German Session 17.06.2015

OM DEUTSCH 17.06.15.docx

               96 attendees, 10 countries

English Session 10.06.2015

OM Script 10.06.15-3.docx
             66 attendees from 16 countries

German-English Birthday-Special 31.05.2015

OM SPECIAL Bruno's Birthday 31.05.15-3.docx

          70 attendees, 15 countries

 NEW Audio: 



German Session 27.05.15

OM Deutsch 27.05.15.docx
           100 attendees, 15 countries

NEW Audio:

English Session 20.05.2015

Online Meeting 20.05.15 in English.docx
             45 attendees, 15 countries    

German Session 06.05.2015

OM Deutsch 06.05.15.docx
        84 attendees, 14 different countries

English Session 29.04.2015 

ONLINE MEETING 29.04.15 in English.docx
        41 attendees , 15 different countries

German Session, 15.04.2015

OM Deutsch 15.04.15.docx
         77 Teilnehmer aus 10 verschiedenen Ländern

English Session, 08th April 2015

OM Script 08.04.2015.docx

              35 attendees from 9 different countries

German Session: 04th March 2015

OM DEUTSCH 04.03.15.docx
               70 Teilnehmer aus 11 versch. Ländern

English Session 18th February 2015

OM Script 18.02.2015.doc

                51 attendees from 17 different countries

German Session 11th February 2015

ONLINE MEETING am 11.02.2015.doc
                64 Teilnehmer aus 7 verschiedenen Ländern

Session 28th January 2015                      45 attendees from 11 different countries

On the occasion of the passing of Bruno Gröning

Anneliese Bollack (eye witness) 1978:


My personal miracle by Petra Ruether

Mein persönliches Wunder.docx

Session 26th January 2015

ONLINE MEETING – BRUNO GRÖNiNG’s MEMORY DAY – 26th January 2015.docx
94 attendees from 16 different countries

(both German and English)

Session 20th January 2015


51 Teilnehmer aus 6 verschiedenen Ländern

(German language)

Session 7th January 2015

OM Script 7.01.2015.doc
51 attendees from 15 different countries, WOW!

(English language)

Session 30th December 2014

Online meeting DEUTSCH 30.12.14-3.doc
34 Teilnehmer aus 5 verschiedenen Ländern


Session 17th December 2014

OM Script 17.12.14.doc
28 attendees from 7 different countries