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OM Protokoll 19.07.17

OM English Protocoll, 19th July 2017


Cordially welcome dear friends,


sincerely welcome you again today to our internet community hour, on the 19 of July 2017.


Dear friends, we are living at a time, where everything is speeding up and at this time we can learn to react with serenity and calmness, to what is bothering us.

Just now, from the beginning of July we are having a very interesting planetary constellation between Mars and Pluto.

During this time the nerve limit of tolerance is low, so that even on little things quarrels may be happen. But it is also an excellent occasion to learn, how to put the teachings of BG into practise, what means not to accept the bad, but to remain in balance and to generate the divine peace in our immediate surrounding.


To this also belongs the prayer for peace, in every single heart and there it has to start spreading all over. I don’t want to discuss the political incidents, only one thing:

The energy is so strong that we cannot compensate it anymore. What has to get out-has to get out! What the soul has suppressed or swallowed since years or even for decades, will become noticeable in the body, like this it is all over the world, as it is with each of us.

Therefore we have to look at ourselves, what is not yet in divine order in our body, and between our relationships, and inside our family?

Everyone wants to be happy und the soul wants to live what is destined; we all have a certain task and a scheme of life, destined from God. But we also got the freedom to choose what we want to do. One thing we should consider in any case. Truth! And the love for God, for goodness.


During his teaching on the 27 of October 1957 in Plochingen he spoke to his friends at the third meeting of the Gröning Bund (Alliance):


“It is the intrinsic truth; every human should stand for the truth. And this is my appeal to each of my next also to stand for the truth, and also to love the good.

Of course this life on earth is the most difficult life at all.


Human here on earth is almost a prisoner - but after all he is still free, because he has the liberty to move freely. God made it available for each human.


And therefore He has given us such a wonderful body for this single life on earth. We have to pay heed on it and cherish it and appreciate it.


But the most important thing is, to get self-awareness, so that we are going to recognize our body, for after then we know what we should give and offer to our body by not to shut, but open ourselves to the One, we belong:

And this is and will remain only God, because God really has destined the forces, the divine energy for us - for every creature on this planet.


Here it depends on each human, how he is willing to absorb the good (the divine energy) into his body.

And if the human still is flicked by bale, if he, if his body is disturbed, so the disturbance can be eliminated by absorbing enough divine energy.

By that he can free himself from all what he felt as evil in his body.


 He is able to get free. He shouldn’t go on trying to understand the divine by brain, but rather by emotion, by feeling it. But this will not happen before he has self-awareness and also knows what life here on earth means to him, how he has to move towards to the One he belongs, that is GOD.


  (From the book Teachings of BG- chapter 9- published by Robert Tschuk, available at the BG Stiftung, foundation)


Yes, dear friends, let’s take these words of BG to our heart, and solve us now completely from all evil. Let us free ourselves, by giving everything away, what was difficult, all evil, all sickness, all sorrow, and all troubles.

Let us sit in the right position: arms and legs not crossed, the hands with palms upwards and take in the divine energy. Watch our body, what we are feeling, as Bruno said, it is not possible by brain, only by feeling.

What do we feel, what do we sense??? Let us really get rid of all bad things. Do you know how to get rid of something? Take an object into you hand; let it be a pen, a book or whatever…Now keep this object in your hand- press it firmly- and now open the hand and drop this object. Look! Do you understand now? Doesn’t it feel free?  Did the tightness disappear? Just like that you should drop the burden, and everything, which was oppressing you, NOW!!!


As Bruno mentioned during his lesson: life on earth is the most difficult life at all and we easily can be wrong guided, entrapped and also being converted.

We shouldn’t absorb thoughts from the negative side. That sometimes is not easy, when everything around seems to be negative. I would like to pick out a special case, to show, what can happen to human, without - as it looks - being the own fault.


Write your book of life newly on every day...But as it used to be, we only know one side of the extensive book, which represents our spiritual existence, which is written for generations, from incarnation to incarnation. Therefore it is to avoid judging very quickly. We sometimes believe our fate is so bad and unfair and we would get into these situations very innocent.


Yes, and this quote by Mother Theresa is very precious: “If you judge people, you have not time to love them!”


Bad fate sometimes hits us with deep impact. But what do we really know about the spiritual associations of our entire existence from the very beginning of all ages?

How often had we lived and how often failed in reaching our aim of life?


That is what Bruno meant; we should come to self-awareness, to unpack the case, as Fredy Hosp once said. This case contains everything we once had thought and done.


Most time we have been afraid - understandably- to open the case and to see the truth. The scales would fall from our eyes, if we could see it and we would say, oh yes, now it is very clear, that I had to go through this or that fate’s impacts.


It is the tit-for-tat-response from a certain situation, which we had back then botched, or the anguish, we had back then absorbed, and then it had anchored in our soul. It has left their scars in our soul and they will hurt, when we touch them.


In old teachings of wisdom in India, in the old language of the rishis-Sanskrit- it is called “Samskara”, these unpacked pattern, which are bothering us until today and we often do not know why they do. How can we clear it? How can we get awareness?

There BG has a finger in the pie, by saying: free yourself from all evil! That means, if we stand by the good again.


If we want the good, absorb good thoughts and get again the connection to God, then it may happen that old and current burdens will disappear.

And so we can start new, clear and clean, with a cleared soul.


This is the grace of God, who is not a God of revenge, but a kind-hearted, forgiving, lovingly father and mother in one.  He is someone who understands all our sorrow and need, who knows our pains and loves us, who wants us to be HAPPY. Let us get salvaged lock, stock and barrel into HIS GUIDANCE, dear friends. Then all will end well.


Now we will come to an exceptional, wonderful help-and healing report of Mr. Peter Klingelhöfer-from 1960.


Some of you may be already know about this great healing-report, but it may be will of interest for our new friends and this report is so precious, because it bares the whole acting of God.


Healing Report

Peter Klingelhöfer, Kochel, 1960


Since 16th of September 1950 in Munich I had been hit by an overthrowing concrete advertising pillar and was delivered from a cop car lifeless and covered in blood into a hospital. (The township of Munich has to pay the medical costs because of the judgement from the 27th November 1952 decreed by the Regional Court.) Only after many days I regained my consciousness. I learned that I had been brought into death chamber and was reckoned to decease. The doctor told me that I had suffered a heavy basal skull fracture with brain injury and cerebral contusion. As a result constantly brain bleedings occurred. Further ascertained were a left side fracture of my shoulder and all of my left rips were broken. The left thorax was pushed in and the heart displaced.


Because of my unbearable pains I received anaesthetic injections, which forced me into sleep. This was going on for a few months. As I showed a small improvement I was transferred to another hospital. There I learned my painter’s business was dissolved completely during the meantime because my staff didn’t get paid their wages. This was a shock for me and due to the “Föhn weather effects” (a special kind of windy weather in Alpine countries –note of transl.) my whole condition was going down more and more. It would have to be injected again daily. The Chief physician taped 4 medicinal leeches on to my head, but this only brought more of racking pains. However, I received morphine all few hours. I could eat nothing anymore, because I saw nothing but beetles running through my food and on my blanket caused through my cerebral injury.


Just before Christmas I was transferred totally numbed by morphine to a mental hospital to Munich. As my pains diminished I was allowed to travel to my home city. Coming home not only my business was dissolved but also my flat. Some acquaintances accommodated me. Soon they had to call a doctor because of my racking pains who gave me a shot again. I prevailed not to go back to the mental hospital but to be approved for an ambulant treatment. Dr. X injected me dextrose but also narcotics.

Due to the sale of my remaining tools I earned some money to live and a former assistant let me a room in his cellar for residence. A former nurse of war started to care for me; she hocked all her linen for. I couldn’t leave the bed anymore because my heart just stops beating several times. A doctor from the neighbourhood described currently heart and Impletol-injections. As I was again near to die at the last moment a former war comrade picked me up to Ingolstadt together with my nurse, where he lived. Almost 9 months I lay on the pocket of my comrades. The doctor injected day and night.


Finally, after one and a half year a lawyer enforced a monthly benefit about 200 DM for me. Afterwards I moved to Kochel, in Oberbayern, Germany together with my nurse. I put myself into treatment of Dr. med. X and Dr. med Z. During one and a quarter year they gave me countless chemical injections.


On request of the Allianz Insurance I had to go again to the mental hospital Munich. I could force to come into private treatment of Prof. Dr. X. He observed me for 8 days in attendance of a member of city council. Consulted was a mental chief doctor Dr. X, and they made x-ray photographs too besides many injections. The old ones couldn’t be found anymore after the years.

Because of getting pains worse and worse they finally cut the injured head nerves on both sides of the neck. This was being done at my full consciousness. In addition to maddest pains I became high fever now. I refused to stay in that treatment any longer and returned back to Kochel into the treatment of Dr. X, who sedated me again with morphine injections. At general recommendation I was tapped in Munich every week by Dr. X, but my condition still got worse - my body should get relief from the many thousand injections. But I had to get new injections because I was near insanity and suicide. Again they tried a withdrawal treatment and I had to scream my pains into the pillows. I was near the end and wanted to commit suicide.


Then I heard of Bruno Gröning – and „God intervened!“


On 31st of May 1954 I received a call to come to Bruno Gröning in Grafrath, Germany between 10 to 11 am.

(Folie) A friend in Kochel put me into his car – more dead than alive – and drove me to Grafrath, always in sorrow about me to die underway. But at half to ten we ringed at the house door of Bruno Gröning.

(Folie)  I was already awaited and carried carefully into the house by my friend and Mrs. Gröning. There I was „laid“ into an armchair.


For me had come now the decisive moment about life or death. I had racking pains as always.


Suddenly the room was drenched into brilliant light. Bruno Gröning stood in front of me. He wore a simple housecoat. I stared at him and had the feeling like (a seemingly feeling of course) like Archangel Gabriel was sent to me by God to release me from all the long years torture and pains.


With a sonorously voice I heard Bruno Gröning say „Everything is right. This man has experienced terrible things…, I have to help him! “


He grasped my both hands and I felt a comfortable tingling through my body, a wonderful force streamed into my whole being. I started to breathe more freely and noticed a fine flavour coming towards me. While Bruno Gröning hold his hands into his warm good hands he spoke about my War injuries and the accident with its following path of suffer, as if he had been with me. Mrs. Gröning (at that time she still was his secretary) wiped in tears by listening to all this.

More and more I got the feeling that here doesn’t stand only a human being in front of me but an Angel’s Force at all. After a quarter Bruno Gröning pulled me out of my armchair and said I should stand now straight and firm – and in fact, I stood firm on my legs there like in my early days!

Still Bruno Gröning holds me on his hands and like a sparkling current a pleasant force streamed through me. He said: „Everything will come out all right. You will become totally healthy again. I present you all the forces!“


Except my nagging headaches and an icy coldness in the lower part of my body I already felt a wonderful change within me. After a certain time Bruno Gröning asked me, how I felt. I said: „Wonderful, but this great coldness at my lower body is new to me.“


Then he left my hands go and reached me two silver tinfoil balls – one in every hand and declared: „This will change at once!“


(Folie) He walked away from me by writing a dedication at the table. I stood there with the balls firmly. Suddenly wonderful warmth drew into my whole body down to the feet.


„Only in my head I still have pains!“ I said, when he asked me about my condition.


(Folie) Again he took my hands and swept over my head with one hand saying: “I take away the pains from you now!“ And the pains were gone. I could have sung of joy and pleasure, I was as a new born man!


Then I looked at him and was frightened about his face, which suddenly was ghastly in pains. I started to cry but he said to me: „Don’t be sad. I only have overtaken your pains from you but I just will get rid of them again!“


He grasped my hands and said: „Now I will be always with you, if you need me, everything will be alright again! “


About one hour later I felt as fresh and strong as in my younger years. Bruno Gröning said: „I leave you now alone, although I am always with you, you could go home now, but you’re not yet completely healthy; first I have to withdraw the many thousand injections out of your body, and this will last fourteen days“.


I could even jump downstairs now as if never something had been wrong with me! My acquaintance that has been waiting outside in the car, was speechless and could hardly believe it: He said: „Such a thing doesn’t exist! No doctor could help anymore and now a completely healthy man jumps towards me! Just before a short time I thought he would die before arriving here in Grafrath. Gröning really must be a miracle man! “

So we departed and I was singing happily as never before in life. Since by now it was 12 o clock and while we drove over Weilheim I had the need to eat efficiently. This I couldn’t do for months. My driver couldn’t fathom as he saw me eating like somebody starved. He always shook his head and he almost couldn’t get a morsel down filled with wonder.

As we arrived in Kochel I ran through the garden upstairs to my flat like a boy. My friend could hardly follow me. The landlady came running out of the house and when she saw me as healthy she crossed herself and brought some holy water out of her room and sprinkled everything around. She thought I was „possessed by the Devil „for she knew about my hopeless condition, given up by the doctors!

Arrived in my flat I wrote at once at my doctor that he never need to come anymore, because I had enough from physicians now. Additionally I sent him back all the pills, the injections, especially the Morphine as a gift. My friend had to bring it to him. After half an hour he came back and reported about the doctor who sadly shook his head and mentioned: „Poor Klingelhöfer, now he has driven mad! “ My friend had got an advice of me nothing to tell about Bruno Gröning to him.

Soon after that a great tiredness came over me. I got a fever and laid down breaking out in strong sweat.


(Folie) Suddenly my room was filled with a light rose glimmer of light and the fine wonderful fragrance came again into my nose like before in the flat of Bruno Gröning.


I transpired for hours in my bed. It was clear to me that this was the start of withdrawal from the injections as predicted to me by Bruno Gröning. So I had no fear or sorrows. But my landlady was convinced to accommodate some „Devil possessed“ and was hitting continuously against a metal plate before my window with a wooden stick. When that got too much on my nerves,


 I let my nurse ring Bruno Gröning to help me anyway to bring that evil doing to an end. All of a sudden there was silence. After sweating for hours I fell into a deep sleep but was awaken at midnight again and saw again my room filled up with that light rose glimmer of light. Again the nice smell streamed against me in waves. I started to sweat again and thought at Bruno Gröning who was like the Angel Gabriel to me – and watched everything, which was going on. At 3 am I slept in and woke up in the morning hungry and thirsty, but still very weak.


To get rid of the allusions of the landlady I decided to travel to friends in Hammersbach at Garmisch to surrender myself undisturbed completely to the reactions. Again I asked my friend to drive me in his car to the train station Murnau to the train to Garmisch.


 I still was very shaky on my legs and was concerned how to carry the heavy suitcase to the trains, because the train was delayed. My friend had to leave so I was on my own.

There I took my both silver balls into my hands and thought intensively at Bruno Gröning and my Angel Gabriel.

All at once a Sir went towards me, lifted his hat and asked me to help me carrying the suitcase. When the overfilled train arrived he opened the waggon door and asked another passenger for a seat for me with the following words: „May you be so kindly to let your seat to this man, he was very sick!”


When he saw me well supplied he saluted, walked away and again waved me good bye into the window. It was clear to me that this was again a support by Bruno Gröning and my Angel Gabriel.


When I arrived in Garmisch I had to change once more to the „Zugspitze“-station (“Zugspitze” = Mountain) and there had to climb a few stairs up.


 I looked for a luggage carrier – but there was no one to find. I stood there a bit tentatively in front of my heavy suitcase with my shaky legs.


Then I took place on the trunk, took my silver balls to hand - and again the nice smell streamed towards me – a power penetrated I stood up, grappled the suitcase and carried it easily to the train – the same at my arrival to the house of my friends in Hammersbach. The nice flavour was around me during the whole trip and a singing and rejoicing as if I would travel into a new life now.


Without knowing about my arrival my friends had arranged all for me and pampered me with food and peace. Soon I’ve put myself to bed – and again the rosy glow including smell appeared in the room. It was 3 in the afternoon and I slept through until 5 in the morning.


 I glanced out of the window to the mountains and within a strange cloud I saw clearly Bruno Gröning’s head – as clearly I saw him in Grafrath standing in front of me. I heard his words: „Now everything will be alright! “

Slowly I was released from the poisons in my body, exactly as Bruno Gröning said, after 14 days I would have detached from all.

Day by day I proceeded. Every day I could walk longer strolls and sit in the sun. Already on the 9th day I felt myself stronger and the weakness was gone.


I climbed a mountain, was a newly born person. All of the terrible time of suffering was gone.

I stayed with my friends several weeks longer and they could experience my completely healing with joy and wonder, and spoiled me along with good food and drink. Most grateful I left Hammersbach then and returned to Kochel.

(Folie) Always I could feel „my Angel Gabriel” being around me. All the people who knew how hopeless ill I was before could only say with astonishment: „There has happened a miracle!“


I looked for a new job in my trade in Murnau as a master painter. I was even such full of power that I outreached all my employees. Never a pain or another old sickness came over me. Since I am working fresh and joyful in my profession, yes, I got another big task in a business in Munich.

All my fellow human beings I would like to say: Even this very day in spite of the passing of our dear friend Bruno Gröning, he is with me and the wonderful strengthening powers are coming to me. He is going on to help me every time and everywhere!


Peter Klingelhöfer


Source: Josette Gröning (Edit.) The spiritual healer (Denkendorf at Plochingen/Neckar 1960, No. 1, Pg. 7-11


Yes, dear friends, this success report is so wonderful that I wanted to share it with you once again. And those kinds of success reports are there in thousands around Bruno Gröning, where did this ever happen before? Yes, dear friends, for Peter Klingelhöfer was Bruno "his Archangel Gabriel", but who is Bruno Groening for us?


He once said: “I am not Bruno Groening. Who I am, people will get to know. Who has recognized me, should be convinced further ...” Please look at this video clip, which I made some days before...


Video clip: Bruno Groening - Fellowship of Christ


Well, dear friends, we know that we are here on a path of Christ and that we are friends of the Most Supreme. The many thousands of cures are the proof, the humility and the modesty of Bruno Groening are a double proof and the God-connectedness that is conveyed to us here is a triple proof.

Before we hear Bruno Groening in his original voice, I read a few sequences from "Our Path of Change", which my friend Gerlind Hanus has so wonderfully described in detail.


Imagine the divine power every day. Open your heart and carry everything to God as if He were sitting before you and listening to you. HE LISTENS ALWAYS !!!!




When we have delivered all to God, which moves us (our prayers, our thanks, but also situations in which we struggle for solutions), it is very important to everybody to let go of the mind and to remain in peace for a while and to observe ourselves what is happening in the time of tuning in within our body. Perhaps at this time we are getting exactly the answers from God to our questions. During the time of tuning in, it is much easier for God to reach us, because our heart and consciousness are opened and directed to Him.

The healing current can be different for every human being. One may feel it as a feeling of warmth or cold as ice, another may feel a tingling sensation or shaking, and another may feel a pain or restlessness. Different reactions can be detected in every human being.

"If you pay attention to your body, then you will notice what is happening in your body at this moment. You will say to yourself, 'this is a funny feeling, it's a feeling I've never felt. It is different than before. It's flowing through my body, something is streaming through my body, it's different. Earlier, up to this point I had cold limbs, heavy limbs, they were weak, they were almost lifeless, they were cold, and now they are different."


OUR GOAL: God-connectedness


Bruno Groening did not want to bring a new philosophy or ideology, he wanted to help the suffering people and lead them back to God. "It is not a new thing that I teach you, but today's people have only forgotten it." It was his ultimate goal to bring man back to God.


 In his statements, he always referred to the doctrine of Christ, which the people should take heed. He also said that he had come for all men, regardless of race, religion, or skin colour.


"Often I’ve already told you what my real aim is: I will bring every man back to faith, for every man to be of nature, every man is a child of God. We humans have only one father, and that is our Lord God. And because many men have disbelieved from faith, I will bring them back to faith. I do not want to know anyone badly. A few ones have kept bad and will keep on it again. "


"Is there a principle according to which one can judge all his life? Yes - Charity! "

"Help is love." "It is now the teaching of Christ, which you should all take heart!"

"I teach our fellow men all that which leads every man to God through the doctrine of Christ, which we human beings have to put into action."

"Christ was for us, and remains, and will always be a great example as well as a very good one, the best example to us."

Bruno Groening said, "I do not know much, I only know what people no longer knew."

"It is no miracle as you’ve thought, but it is spiritual law that I live for and which I use. Not I heal but: It helps, it heals the Divine Power". Bruno Gröning


The healing needs to be so important to us that we are ready to make the necessary changes


If we want to be healthy, it is necessary that we wish health with all our heart. If we think, as a result of false modesty, we were not worthy of becoming healthy, or if we were still arrested in an old sinful thought, God can’t give us the healing because we were not yet willing to accept it whole-heartedly for us.

Even though we were still satisfied with the condition in which we were, if we still needed the attention we received about the disease, if we did not abandon the "apparent" advantages that the disease brought to us, we are not ready for the cure. In order to be healthy, it must be our strongest endeavour to recognize and overcome the pathogenic patterns.

As long as the old patterns of behaviour have a higher priority in us than health, as long as we are not yet ready to open the door to truth and liberation, as long as nothing can turn to our good physical condition.

"You must have a goal. Your goal is your health. If you deal with illness and think about it, you have a second, different goal. These two goals are not compatible. Good and evil are not mixing up! Just think about your health, your one and only goal! " Bruno Gröning



Our purpose


The real destiny of human beings is to let be guided by God again. When we are ready to listen to the voice of God and detach ourselves from the destructive thoughts and behaviour patterns, we will be able to perceive the love of God, which accompanies us through our whole being.


There are no coincidences. Every encounter, every event, is guided and will help us to recognize ourselves and our behavioral patterns. We should grow in understanding for each other, but also in understanding for ourselves and our true needs. Every knowledge should help us to mature, on our way of perfection to God. We had often emerged from the situations in which we were faced with almost insoluble problems, because we had struggled to recognize the truth and had seriously sought the help of God.


Through the adjustment, we receive the divine power, which enables us to free ourselves from the old patterns and return to the divine order.

If we strive to continue our lives according to the spiritual laws and follow the call of our soul, we will feel more and more free because we are ready to realize what we can recognize.

Even though we may receive healing through the recognition and application of the spiritual laws, it is always a grace, a gift of God and never a matter of course.


"A healed man is a man blessed by God."


"God's will is destined, God wants man to be helped, if he has known that evil is degrading him. God helps him, God leads him, and God forgives as well."


If we are aware of the possibilities of change we have in this earthly life, we will be able to say "yes" to our lives in joy and gratitude.

The wisdom of Bruno Groening's teachings helps us to go the inner and outer way of liberation.


"I wish you all the love, the good, the divine, and not only to you alone, but to all those who belong to you, to whom you call your neighbours, and also to those for whom you have a heart desire and for which you believe that they too will recover the good (health) in their bodies." Bruno Gröning