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OM Protokoll 07.06.2017

OM Protokoll 7th June 2017

Welcome, my dear friends, to our online community, today on 7 June, 2017. As always, I ask you to take an open sitting position, let go of all that has burdened you and feel into your body, what happens here while listening? Are there any sensations in your body? What do you FEEL? This is most important, that we get aware about the divine current. The divine energy, which we are going to take up tonight, is looking for its way, and will flow everywhere, but more and more exactly on those locations on your body where it is needed, where something was not in order, or if you are well, it will simply give you strength, and joy, love and peace. Inner balance.

So, it is very important, that you are positive in life, that you are willing to live a life with God, that you are ready to listen to God and follow the good path. THAT MEANS: TO BE CONNECTED with GOD! It is inevitable to let go all thoughts of anger, despair and jealousy. Walk through this world with a smile on your face and if you are in a desperate situation, ask God, how to get rid of it, and ask for his grace, that He will show you the way out of it. As Bruno Gröning said:

“Man has to be connected with God. (...) And Christ did not want more, God did not want more. This is the really true, divine doctrine; this is the teaching of Christ, as He has given it to us, as He has given it to mankind along the way. To be connected to God, that is all!” (04.12.1958)


And he said further:


"He who forsakes God is forsaken. Whoever retains God retains himself. Whoever the connection with God halts, that one falls.”  (handwritten)


So what we do in these sessions is, to reconnect you to the Divine, while absorbing the Divine energy, the Divine current. But please understand: Not I reconnect you, but you yourself can do it by letting go everything bad, just right now! Let go every sickness, every annoyance, every concerns, sorrow or despair. DETACH from it completely. Be in this very moment – right here and now, empty of all and close your eyes for a moment and ask the DIVINE devotionally to build up the connection in the name of Jesus Christ and Bruno Gröning. Then be sure, you are connected.


An I remember at a wonderful quote of another great master Omraam Aivanhov:


Yes, in order to receive the Divine, man has first to rise upwardly to the heavenly regions, where he unites himself with the divinity. And even when the Lord is said to have descended into him, it is in truth he who ascended to the Lord, and the Spirit has filled him with His presence. Depending on how we are able to ascend to the Spirit, he will also descend to us.


O. M. Aivanhov


Last week we celebrated a special day. The birth of Bruno Groening, and his "Memorial Day", we remember every year, and it have been on May 30th, in 1906.


We had a very powerful international meeting on that day, our “Global Meditation”, dedicated to Bruno Gröning with more than 130 friends from all over the world. I was very pleased and simply happy, because it shows that the teachings and the person Bruno Gröning are indeed around the world and that more and more people are interested in his deep wisdom and his healing power.


Bruno said to this event something very interesting:


“The most important thing – my work - is always the beginning, from a small scale. A house is also not built with a single stone, there is one stone upon the other. And it costs work to be able to build up such a building, and to do so also needs a lot of hands. Hurry sometimes is necessary, so that this happens and the construction is finished. An old saying: "A lot of hands will soon put an end to the work", which means that the construction is finished. And so it is in this case, too, that this divine work is again coming into being. And to this structure belong also many hands, which are working on it, as it is already coming into existence, also can be finished and will be finished. But the material that is needed for this is the material which one or the other of you, as well as you have received a healing, the good, also contributes by confirming this in writing. And this written confirmation is the building stone for this great, divine work, not only on German soil, but all around the earth."(19.09.1950)


“Everything great on earth is growing up from a small seed.” (handwriting)


“And it is not true, that I’ve come only  - as I should say so – have come only for a certain kind of humans, for a certain Clique or Clan. Where always is the same, and I stay always there in such a small club and everything keeps like that. No, this is the growing work!” (07.11.1958)


“Later it will reach so far that all nations will be included”. (18.01.1958)


Anny Baroness Ebner of Eschenbach

Open words of a honest, brave God-and truth seeker, who knew Bruno Gröning very well for many years, and who is entitled for a decisive judgement about him. 

(Reprint of „Spiritual Life“, Felix Schmidt, Cleveland 1/Ohio, P.O. Box, Journal June 1962)


It happened in the year 1950 in the works of the natural health professional Enderlin in Munich, when I experienced Bruno Gröning the first time. On one hand I was drawn to this extraordinary man because of my big spiritual interest, on the other hand I was fed up from all the injections I further had been offered and administered by my former physicians.


Encouraged through the study of occult and Indian wisdom I knew theoretically, that there are sometimes people, who received special forces through training, and that they could be applied either for the benefit of Mankind or they could be misused for the own personal benefit through their individual attitude. Briefly worded it depends of their white-or black magical nature.


In the follow of many interfering newspaper reports I couldn’t assess clearly in which direction Bruno Gröning was acting. At one hand the journalists wrote that Bruno Gröning was a Saint, on the other hand again and again front pages appeared almost daily where he was branded as a “Devil”.


Left: Anny Baroness Ebner v. Eschenbach, BG and an unknown ladyThat was the matter why I stood in front of Bruno Gröning as a monitor, because I urgently wanted to know what kind of Man this holder of special forces is.

But I didn’t need monitoring very long, didn’t need to “prove” very long, I felt it in a matter of seconds: “That peaceful self-assurance, goodness, humility and patience is only possible for someone who is in deepest connection with God.”

So I came into deepest trust and soon I recognized happily that I was allowed to know a “real human being”, a man who practically embodied and represented all the knowledge I just knew theoretically.

My physical disorder (illness) gave way to harmony and order; yes, it was like a formal ejection of purulent discharges through nose and eyes. Within a short time I was free of all my afflictions which two male and one female doctor worked on in vain and never could figure out what it actually was.


I realized, that I’ve found a true teacher and therefore I visited all possibly attainable lectures of Bruno Gröning. Especially in the boarding house Weikersheim in Gräfelfing near Munich I had the opportunity to listen to one or two lectures almost every week.


This way I was allowed to experience almost unbelievable healings and listened to reports of healed persons with my own ears.


Just to mention a few:

Just to mention a few:

A healing of a most severe heart disease of a woman from Augsburg. Out of her gratitude she brought suffering people in full buses to the lecture; another woman, who was healed from a brain tumor and already had a totally twisted face and she was very confused. From one to another lecture I could determine myself how she improved in her speech and how she got normal in her facial features.


Further I remember at a lady from New York, who was so grateful for the remote healing of her daughter in a New York’s hospital, where she suffered from breast cancer.


I experienced with my own eyes and ears, how deaf persons got back their audition; how dumb got back their speech suddenly; how people troublesome limped in on crutches threw away their sticks during the lecture and went to Gröning with shoutings: “I can walk again free and without pain!”

They mostly ran out into the hall and happily climbed the stairs up and down!

But when they wanted to thank Gröning he always refused with the words: “Don’t thank me, but God, and now display in your life to be true children of God!”


Sometimes they gifted him the crutches, and he took them and broke them through like matches without any effort; strange, because they often were thick like a fist. Then I got aware which great physical forces stuck beside the spiritual ones within his rather small frame.


I witnessed boundless more and could draw up long reports about; but one thing seems to be as considerably special: Namely how Bruno Gröning devoted his time with great patience to those who obviously didn’t react to his forces. He displayed them the path to order in their thoughts and to alignment of goodness; over and over again he called them up to let go evil, and to get detached from Satanic influences, to get freed off for to reach out for them.


Bruno Gröning spoke always in parables like wise men and teachers do. Those were adjusted always to the status of education of his listeners. So he trained the attendees to attentive concentration and everybody could feel: This concerns me!


Through many years I listened to almost one hundred lectures, and everyone was different. They all came out of his inner inspiration and were not mentally compiled before. So he was able to speak directly to everybody’s heart. What a joy he had when he could help somebody! Not even once I witnessed him taking money for a healing, not even at the richest; yes, often he let give some money from any attendee to a poor one. When somebody came and wanted healing for money, Bruno Gröning rejected that person strictly with brusque words: 

“I don’t sell divine energy!”


At those opportunities – and when people told some untruth – were the only moments that I watched him to become strictly, otherwise he was goodness himself, always friendly and kind; but mostly serious. Even in his humor there was always a certain kind of seriousness.


As you see those experiences looked completely different to some certain newspaper reports. Here I must mention, that there have been individuals around him, who initially offered their help and support for his work – but then suddenly started to derive a benefit from for their own interest. So in many cases friends became enemies.


How easy he would have punished his wrong friends of disposition with the greatest of ease, and I have to be honest, we true friends have wished this when we discovered, how his enemies degenerated in meanness and defamations. But also then we have heard out of his own mouth: 

„I love my enemies too! Evil will be caught up in it’s own nets. I just feel worry for them!“

However, sometimes I watched myself, how enemies turned into friends – mostly in the year 1949, when Bruno Gröning started his work as a spiritual healer in Herford – and I watched also, how they finally admitted to act against Gröning out of ignorance or influences from outside.  Some relapses into the old disease arose from those attitudes; but ruefully recognized the order in their bodies and their spiritual insights would recovered soon again through his help.

Always one had to ask Bruno Gröning for help out of an own desire, and he let everybody decide himself to accept his help or not. So it was a totally wrong assumption that he worked with hypnosis or suggestion. His teaching and his acting have been built up from the teaching of Christ. The commandment of the great Nazarene was his commandment as well: 

“Love God above all and your neighbour as yourself!”

It was wonderful, when he guided his friends through his deep knowledge and ability more and more closer to God’s consciousness. He always hit the core because he ever regarded everything out of a higher position. So in his conversation he always was predominant against Scientists, Professors, artist and clergymen. He often led them at solving problems with his simple pithily words.

Through his quiet and humble nature he never made any fuzz of his knowledge and that was the matter too, why he was often estimated as crude or uneducated by fluffy and worldly people. In reality Bruno Gröning have been equipped with a knowledge that recognized far ahead into future and that extended into the deepest grounds of the human soul. That’s why some single leader from ethno-religious or philosophical sects came to his lectures and looked for connection to him. Therefore an understanding article appeared here and there at least about Bruno Gröning; but that was - taken as a whole – of course just a little drop on a hot stone by regarding the many defacing and fraudulent publications.


His joy was great when honest people supported him truly in his call to help the suffering, because his path was very heavy in this technical and material culture.


Out of this matter he appeared alone through his existence “thrilling” and “hostile” to those, who are living from disorder i.e. remoteness of God and who drew their income.


So he was unpleasant and inconvenient for evil and negative people; he was a thorn in the eye for evil, and thereon the only matter of the big, dirty and united spiteful fight against him. This fight was spiked with untruths, malices etc. and envy.


Many many people have been discouraged to visit him. The journalistic and sensational torsions and defamations inclusive of all the continually court proceedings as well as the wrong classification into the law of naturopathy conduced the influence of not independent-minded people, so that they turned away from him.

But I, who counted myself to the closest friends of Bruno Gröning, I am able to venture an objective judgement about the man Bruno Gröning after many years and experiences and deepest insights into his teaching.


This judgement is:

Anny Ebner v. Eschenbach (left) and Bruno Gröning pointing....“The man Bruno Gröning was small in his physique, but the traversing DIVINE flowing through him was overly powerful within him and connected him with an inner knowledge full of wisdom; he was a God-surrendered being with inner assurance and ability, but remained a humble and Christian personality.”


In deeply gratitude and devotion I stay connected with Bruno Gröning ; my life have become so rich through being allowed close to him and to do any good to others. Furthermore I was guided through him into realization of the true life, not with words but with deeds of love and serving.

The Healing Power of Gröning

Marga Lössner, 14.9.1949


Since weeks the public is out of breath by a phenomenon, which I just can’t ignore. Questions had been put and the opinions are distinguishing a lot.

Please permit an old Lady to comment it, who is trying to search since forty-three years about exploration and awareness around spiritual entities.

We all feel to the bones, and also know it, a new time is coming, and everything has to become new, if it shall fit.  And with this new time, new kinds of healing are donated to us.


We can notice it from all these thousands of sick people, who are approaching to Bruno Gröning, and we will even see it more than ever, if we have a look at the armies of sicknesses, which academic medicine cannot cure and the restricted knowledge of human is helpless confronted to these severe illnesses.

Don’t get it wrong. It shouldn’t be against the physicians, they are not able to help. On the contrary most of them are even struggling honestly to help with their insufficient material resources for finding the correct diagnosis and with insufficient medicine to cure the suffering people.

Many of them really feel their work is in many cases an illusion und suffer for that. They are doing their duty. Sometimes they even do more than that.


Especially the panel doctors are feeling the untenable nature of their situation. Just the other day, a panel doctor, a diligent, excellent, young physician, was complaining, the health fund is ordering which medicine he has to prescribe

And which not und that he has to look, that the medicine is not exceeding the price.

“I can’t gnaw it anymore, he declared, I do not take place anymore. I am looking for a new path.”


And now a BG is coming and heals, heals without hard diagnosing and without medicine, heals easily, heals incurable people.


With what is this man healing? How is he doing that? He doesn’t fit into any drawer. This is the fatal.


He is healing with something invisible.


He is the medium of a one-of-a-kind radiation field.


He is healing with spiritual energy!



Many questions are now being put in public. What kind of energy is it? From where is this energy coming? Is it extendible to enfold a big number of humans? Can it be reduced? From which energies is it recruited? How does the healings happen? Is it suggestion? Is it hypnosis?




The science doesn’t know it. It tries to explain – but it is something, which cannot be reached by brainpower.


Well, if the “big ones” doesn’t know, we have to ask the “little ones”, from where this energy comes from. The common people say: It’s coming from our Lord!



Bruno Gröning heals with spiritual energy!


This divine power is flowing through everything!


And as it is flowing through everything, it is also streaming through human. It is the energy from which keeps us alive!



BG is qualified and capable, as a humble and pure vessel, to take in this energy in an intensity, which is not given to the common people. It streams throughout him, and he is giving it altruistic to others, serving mankind und being dignified to this high grace.



Wherever this energy is infusing, there it is erecting everything and remedies everything. There it turns sickness to health, and disorder to order. The cells of the body have to bring order by itself, because this energy is health, and is order, as it is coming from God.



As more we open ourselves to this energy and ready to receive this energy, as more this energy is able to effect.


We, today’s people, have unlearnt, simply to kneel down and to become a child again and to be thankful in all gratitude and all childishness, what HE is donating us. Thousands of sick people respire. They can see a glimmer of hope, and this is named Gröning!


Oh, a healthy one doesn’t know, what suffering means, and the boundless permission to heal should be granted soon, very soon.


We cannot good enough thank the bigwigs, who confess to BG in public. They made themselves thereby more popular, as they already were. Bravo, Mr.Superintentdent X., Mr. Member of Parliament Y.! Also to Mr. Dr. Z., who works with Bruno as a physician, he is unprejudiced and with a seldom vision he has brought himself into service to this outrageous new. Special thanks to you!


BG doesn’t has to have the title “Doctor of Naturopathy”. He will not appreciate the worth, because BG is a physician out of God, the qualification and the permission to heal, he has got from another authority.


To whom God gives the permission to heal, what shall people again permit him? Or do they even want to forbid, what God has allowed, so visibly allowed?? There we have to keep silent – and to accept this present thankfully and to accept the healings as what they are, namely as grace.



BG can with the fullest authorization carry his sense of mission and with the fullest authorization he can be convinced from his high mission and his divine task.


From second side eyes it was detected, that a big stream of light is coming out of him and the ill rays are removed from people and thrown into space.


BG is appointed by God, who donates us His healing power through him, and we, namely the public services, should do everything, that he can live unhindered his high mission. Until now he couldn’t enfold yet completely.

to be continued.....