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OM Protocoll 26.04.2017

OM Protokoll 26.04.2017 in English:


WELCOME, welcome around the world, dear friends, to our OM, our Online Meeting of souls in English language, I greet you all warmly and wish you a heartfelt blessing in our online community, our online session tonight. As usual I ask you to take an open seat again, not to cross arms and legs, and to receive IT, to receive the healing current, the divine energy, which is always sent from the heart of God. Observe your body and open your heart and your soul for the graces of the divine kingdom, which is coming down, when you open up for it. Open up for the DIVINE LOVE and the PEACE on Earth. We all need it, Mother Earth need it and Humankind need it. It’s a turbulent time, dear friends and many friends had strong regulations in the past and recently, and now after the Holy Week we are still in the Resurrection power of Easter, and I think some of you feel it very clearly. I am convinced, those friends, who had regulations, are feeling much better now. „It’s always going up and down“, said Bruno Groening, „but it’s important the tendency shows a longer-term upwards movement. So today I would like to tell you briefly and with great joy on the current events that are developing in our global community work. The seeds of years of work are going up slowly, dear friends, and I am very happy about the positive happenings and actions. We had a wonderful visit of friends from Russia recently, from St. Petersburg, and I’ve got some wonderful letters also from all around the world. 

So I would like to refer in the follow how they come in.  At first I want to tell you about a wonderful email from Australia on Easter Monday, which arrived from our dear friends Ellie and Terry Ryan in Lake Illawara in N.S.W., and this letter I would like to read for you, because it makes me so happy.  For those who do not know, what we’ve experienced in Australia: From 2008 to 2010, my husband Peter and I travelled to Australia and lived there. We had followed the call of Bruno Groening, which was so powerful that we did it. We broke the tents here in Germany and went on a great journey. And it was successful!! We were allowed to build up 3 communities there in the land of Koalas and Kangaroos. There happened several cures and healing, especially on a couple, namely Ellie and Terry Ryan, they were really blessed. Ellie suffered from insomnia about 35 years; sleep disturbances to complete Insomnia, that means: No sleep at all without tablets or other medications. Terry, too, had a great cure on his leg that had been broken several times and those years of pain simply disappeared after some sessions. In addition, he had a severe weakness of his eyesight, which then disappeared overnight, so to speak. He still does not need glasses anymore and reads the smallest letters clearly. 

You can read the healing reports on our website under the header “Healing Reports”. Since then both have visited Germany already twice and have also visited the community in Wiesbaden, where they spoke about their big healings. Also in one of our OM sessions in 2015 they reported and the healing lasts up to today. Here is the letter I received on Easter Monday:


"Dear Petra, dear Peter,Hope you had a Holy and beautiful Eastertime and feel closer to our dear Jesus. Next Wednesday, (19th April) will be OUR REAL BIRTHDAY (8 years with Bruno), 8 years since that fateful evening that we walked into Oak Flat Community Centre and saw a strange photo of a man who was very serious.8 years are gone since my first healing (Ellie) which had lasted. At present I am sleeping up to 8 hours every night because is going into winter and in summer I normally sleep 7 hours.

 ISN'T IT WONDERFUL DEAR FRIENDS!!! and we have now so many friends that we are constantly buying more chairs for our house and we only use half of the house for us so that we can leave the big room full of chairs ready for the next Session.” Isn’t it wonderful, dear friends, that there have been and still are regular community hours since eight years now and people are being helped by the teaching of Bruno Groening. This makes us really happy, dear friends and it is the best and foremost reward we could expect for all the done work. I am so full of joy …and ist’s going on, dear friends.  

I would like to tell you about our visitors from Russia 2 weeks ago as well, and we would like to thank a young man, our dear friend Stepan, who has been taking part in the English OMs for about two years now. He felt in his heart to visit us and he came to Germany last year in October 2016 to our conference in Haiger / Dillenburg. Although he does not speak German, but does perfect English, he has participated and enriched us with his presence. And this time he has not come alone, but has made it possible for us to welcome Mr. Vasilij Kushnir, the head of independent communities in St. Petersburg, Moldavia and Ukraine, and his son Alexander. They made the long journey from St. Petersburg to us to Vellmar/Germany and we had a wonderful community hour here – we thank you with all our hearts for their visit. Mr. Kushnir is doing wonderful webinars from the region of Tiraspol, which is located in Transnistria, between the countries Moldavia and Ukraine and there have been big conflicts in the past. But I saw the flags and banners of all countries in the webinar and I came to the conclusion that Bruno works immense there too to keep the peace.

At our last OM session, I had already talked about Mr. Kushnir's book, "The Bridge into the New Times,"  as well as I showed you the drawings. He also referred about this book and said that the reason for the creation of this book was a dream he had, a firm path, a bridge on which every person can go, who guides us through all the errors and tribulations of this time into a new time in which governs Goodness and Peace. There are wonderful healing reports printed inside of this book and I would like to read here some of them from time to time. His son Alexander had brought for us some rare and relatively unknown music instruments and delighted us with a very beautiful musical performance. 

 As I mentioned before our Russian friends are doing webinars, and so we have planned a new International Webinar – let us do a Global Meditation for uplifting the global divine vibration – starting at Tuesday, the 9 of May – and I will keep you informed. It will be in a 3 week turn and I will put the dates on our website soon. It will just go for 30 minutes and we want to reach a concentrated love-and-peace-power for this time. There should attend only friends, who are really in strong faith and want to be focussed completely to the high vibration of the Divine during that times, that means: in control of your thoughts and in your own responsibility for the benefit of human, animal, kingdom plants and planet Earth at all.  

We will be in another online room and I will send a link to everyone, who is interested.I have prepared a form, where you may sign up, on our website

 I am pleased that we were able to consolidate the German-Russian relationship and I remember that I met Mr. Vasili Kushnir and his sister at a meeting in Geseke in the nineties. At that time I had set up the communities of the needy, and I also played with the idea of ​​going to Russia once to help, because there were and still are also drug addicts there. Unfortunately, it was not possible later, because in 2002, my husband and I left the circle of friends, and in the course of time new and different tasks and insights emerged, as well as great experiences, which I can’t list here by so far. So we had left the Circle of Friends, but Bruno Groening never left us. He appeared to me in a dream and told me that there still is a great job to do here. He showed me pictures of people from many different countries of the world in their traditional costumes and that all of us unite one thing, namely, the LOVE. All men and women are equally, we have all received a wonderful soul from God as well as a wonderful body. We differ only by the different cultures, education, traditions, and the conceptions we have of the understanding of the world. On our international website we already have different departments in different languages ​​and right now a few days ago we could add the Croatian site. We have already built up a Chinese, a Russian, a Spanish, an Italian, a French and an Albanian site, and it is quite a lot of work to keep everything on the same level, which doesn’t work sometimes, but we are happy to provide you with the most important information. 

Yesterday JASNA from Zagreb Croatia, she is the comm.leader of the Croatian independent group, send me a letter and asked me to read it here in front of you: Dear Petra,shortly after I discovered your Bruno Groening international web page a few years ago, I was filled with joy and said to myself: "That's it!, I want to be a part of it!"At that moment I was not ready to take any action except translating of texts you published there. We have all been - or most of us -in similar situations when we wanted to work and act freely in this Divine act of God, after all that we have gone through in our communities, Circle of Friends and associations. 

So, the time came when I was ready to open our Croatian site, and here we are!.. feeling like a part of the ring that Bruno established around the world.    

All I want to say is: "PETRA, THANK YOU!!" for your devoted and so important work. Because, the only thing Bruno asked us to do was to spread his Divine teaching and bring as many people as possible to a true, good path.Besides this, I feel great gratitude for everything that I, my dearest-family and those for whom I prayed, have received from God and Bruno, so this is my way to serve and thank them. And I am doing it with love and joy! 

All the best, Jasna 

Of course there are more dear friends from England, Ireland, USA and Canada. The comm.leader from Montreal in Quebec – her name is Marie France - has sent me a letter as well…yes dear friends, yesterday all those wonderful news came in. There happened a wonderful healing and I will read now the mail: (Slide 18)


Dear Petra,

Last Friday during our meeting with our group, we were 18, we experienced tremendous joy after hearing the testimony of one of our friend, his name is Derek .


He has been with us and Bruno since 2010. He helped us to create the group, at the beginning we were only 6 people. Derek had an auto- immune liver disease :P M C, primary sclerosing cholangitis. This process can lead to cirrhosis of the liver, even failure or other complications.  He got his results in April 2017 on it was confirmed that he was healed!

He made a video on YouTube and he will communicate with you! It would be nice if you mention his healing in your next meeting. I am so happy, so full of joy and am so thankful to God and Bruno. I am so happy for Derek.


I will talk to you more later, thank you for everything you do and I'm so happy you organize this meditation for peace with the Russian friends.

With all my love, many hugs to you

Marie France


And last but not least I won’t forget Spain, and a good friend of mine, dear Maria Molina Lopez who has worked a lot during the last years to set up 13 independent communities, here you can see her (Slide 19-20). I visited her in Spain twice during the wonderful conferences in CORDOBA in 2013 – 14 and a beautiful friendship was established here also. She had come to Germany also once in 2014 and we visited Bruno’s Grave and Herford . The coming weekend, 28 to 30 April there will be another conference in Cordoba and I know that Maria Molina is always open to receive guests during their events. Please if you are able or you feel attracted, please write her or go to



Petra's Dream

 Bruno Groening showed me, in my dream, the unity in the eye of the storm, which moved around us, and that with God everything is stable, good and in an indescribable peace. In the dream I clung to his jacket, sitting behind him and I was able to enjoy infinite peace. In this eye of the material storm there is no fear, dear friends, no judgment, no need, no misery, no death and there are no diseases. Everything is good within Him. You can feel this peace and the love of God when you are free from all sorrows and strains. Give it to Bruno Groening, as he has always offered it to us - just let it go - and we will be able to heal ourselves, as he has prophesied.

HE HAS INDEED CREATED A BRIDGE TO A HIGHER LEVEL of VIBRATION, that leads us to the GOOD PATH, but we have to walk it ourselves. Nobody can walk it for us.  Let go of all evil, dear friends, and come on this path, which is stable and firm, which is to you The necessary armaments to recover and to become strong and firm in faith and belief.


Unfortunately, most people often turn to God only when they feel bad when they are in despair or sad. But God always helps and He listens to us, but how much would HE rejoice if we were ALWAYS connected to him if we ALWAYS believe and trust. Yes and love: Why do we always want to be loved, dear friends?


Jesus said: „Therefore, I tell you, your many sins have been forgiven—as your great love has shown.“ So it is always better to love than to be loved, dear friends....


Jesus Christ has shown us this path more than 2000 years ago. To Mary Magdalene, he said, "Woman, because you have great love in you, your sins are forgiven!" Therefore it is more important to love than to be loved, dear friends. And let us stop with envy and strife, with prejudices and the JUDGE at all. Live and let live, dear friends, do not always look at each other, do not always see the speck in the eye of the other, but rather our own planks recognize and clear away. Recognize our limitations and stubborn views and let go of them. Then everything can happen. Yes, letting go of the bad, focusing only the light, we often follow the call of our soul, which also shows us the way, often so subtly that we tend to overhear them most often. LOVE and BE HAPPY.

Some days ago I received a suitable mail from my friend Gerlind Hanus and she hit the nail fully on the head: It is about the thoughts and their effects:


She wrote me:


Dear Petra,


It is so beautiful to experience how people get help through this path.

Let us hope that more and more people will be able to experience this path with Bruno Groening and to experience salvation.


What I can sense more and more is that it is now more and more about changing the patterns of thoughts and behaviour, and that the soul is no longer willing to support the wrong-lived patterns, especially since we now know the power of thoughts and their effects. In these high times of light, it is more necessary than ever to comprehend this,  the regulations become otherwise too violent.


Yes, dear friends, that is exactly what our soul knows the best, which is good for us, and it cries and laments when we do not want to change ourselves out of ignorance or stubbornness. It goes so far that the pain spreads to the body, and we are then unfortunately often forced to change things, which inevitably tear us into the deep.


We have a section "The Power of Thought" on our German website under the point "Our Way of Change", which also have to be translated into English:


Here you can read:


The power of thoughts

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

Bruno Groening said that everything is done about the thoughts.

Thoughts are forces that want to be realized.

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

It's like building a house. First comes the idea of ​​building a house, then you make a plan how the house should look. Then the house comes into a building process and after a certain time the house is finished. The same is true with the thoughts.

Bruno Groening also said that man is not capable of producing his own thoughts, but that he can only absorb thoughts from the different spiritual spheres. He can freely choose for good, constructive thoughts that spring from the source of the divine power or for negative, degrading thoughts that come from the satanic power source. Depending on which thought he consciously or unconsciously accepts, he is in the Divine or in the leadership of Evil. Bruno Groening advised us to examine every thought to see whether he was worth being accepted or not.

When we are sick, a healing needs to be so important to us that we are ready to make the necessary changes in our daily life. It is to recognize the habits and wrong patterns and change them.


If we want to be healthy, it is necessary that we wish the healing with all our heart. If, as a result of false modesty, we were not worthy of becoming healthy, or if we were still arrested in an old sinful thinking, God can not give us the healing because we were not yet willing to accept them whole-heartedly for us.

Even if we were still satisfied with the condition in which we still are, or if we still need the attention we received about the disease or the "apparent" advantages that the disease brought us, we are not ready for the cure. In order to be healthy, it must be our strongest endeavour to recognize and overcome the pathogenic patterns.


As long as the old patterns of behaviour have a higher priority in us than health, as long as we are not yet ready to open the door to truth and liberation, as long as nothing can turn to our good physical condition.


Bruno said: "You must have a goal. Your goal is your health. If you deal with illness and think about it, you have a second, different goal. These two do not agree. The good and the evil are not able to mix up! Think therefore exclusively about your health, your goal! 

Now let's hear something from Alfred (Fredy) Hosp, the continuation from his speech of 27.10.2001: 


The ring around the earth:


We should be ready to maintain harmony within ourselves and realize that life is God. We live to serve the world. "We should be guardians of creation". But it is said in the message of God: "Destroyer of My Creation you have become!”

There are people all over the world who want the good from the bottom of their hearts and those are bound together as a ring around the whole earth. Therefore, Bruno Groening has distributed those tinfoil balls with a ring and said for this purpose, we should never forget, we have become a part of this ring and this ring will prevent us from the worst.


If you look down to the earth, one should not only see the temporary; the temporary suffering, which people has self-inflicted, but rather know, the creation is a creation of eternity. A creation for a time laps, we cannot imagine at all,

First everyone should sort things out for himself. Everyone is important for himself. Everyone should stay in the divine wave and should not get diverted from outside. We should not always look at others but look at ourselves; what we feel, what we think, what disturbs us. That is a very-old wisdom, which Jesus Christ has expressed: (Slide 31)


„Everyone sees the speck in the eye of his next but doesn’t notice

the plank in his own eye.”

My friend the death


BG had said, he has a good friend, with whom he always agrees. They never argue, they never struggle, but know, that one time this one and the other time the other has the priority. He was talking about Death, which he has called as “My friend the Death.”


If it is destined from God, the life of someone is ending, so he makes room for his friend the death. But if someone still has a duty in his life, he will block the way, and the friend will agree. Can you imagine that? The time BG enunciates this, it gave me creeps.


Similar to that it must have been two thousand years ago with Jesus and Lazarus. With God everything is possible. Lazarus has had the duty to bring people into faith in God and God has permitted, that death has to avoid Lazarus. The power of believe from Jesus in the almighty of God was so abundant that it could happen.


The same was with BG: it always depends on the person. On how somebody is like, on how he believes, on how far he is in spirit, and also if BG has the permission to block the way of the death. He only can help the person, if one lets himself to help him and also if he has the permission from God to receive healing.

It can happen in the very next moment, if the person is able to let go. But this is spiritual healing and always the grace of God.


Mrs Häusler: Audio tape:

"On the first evening, when Bruno Gröning was my guest on 25th May 1952, my mother and I were with him together until 4 o'clock in the morning. And in these conversations he said, among other things: "I can’t extend life to anyone. Because death, which is established by God, is my friend, I don’t do anything against it!"


And another time in Graz we were together in the closest circle, and he said," If people knew how precious a life on earth is, they would live quite differently. Then they would prepare for the right life in the hereafter, but what are people doing? They are concerned only with matter and material things, and are entirely within matter. And there I will pull them out, and I will make them aware that they are spiritual beings. And so they should prepare themselves and learn, learn and learn once again for the real life beyond. There the laws are different, and that’s the reason why an earth life is so important here on the other side.


I had many questions when I came to Mr. Groening and somehow I got them all answered. But for years I was carrying the question with me, how is that with dying? Children must die, young people must die, old people want to die and couldn’t, how is that? And in Mimizan, France in the year 58 he came and finally answered this question, saying,


"Every human being receives the “hour of death” while being born, and God himself determines it, and nobody can change it. But no one should put this hour in advance by doing suicide."


Alred Hosp continues:

So, we can see this whole domain between earth and heaven, between God and life, between life and the beyond is an indication. If we disturb this harmony with our wrong imaginations, the person has to suffer. He is suffering not because it is destined, but rather because of his own false imaginations.


Let us take an example: Someone has stomach ache – again and again stomachache and he is thinking about what it could be. Hopefully it is nothing worse, he thinks. The ache is getting worse; he goes to the hospital having an examination.

If the diagnosis says everything is groovy, the human goes home, putting his mind at rest. If it again once will pinch, he will tell his intestine, to keep quiet, because he knows he is cure. The wind will leave him too, yes, they will leave and the stomachache has stopped too. So it is, isn’t it? What will I say by that?

If human has the medical proof, everything is alright, he will change over. He believes in his health and doesn’t worry anymore. But it is also necessary to get the medical proof, to go to the hospital and have treatments, if it is necessary. But BG himself never medicates. He said, the physicians medicates, because they have to do something practical.


But BG never did something like this; he only turned out the truth. And if human goes on being truthful, he will get the help of God. Not BG heals, but IT, the divine heals, if the human lets in the divine into his self. That is what people didn’t understand that time. Not even the nearest friends did’nt understand. And because of this reason, this common misunderstanding, BG was put to court that time, because he had no accreditation by law to heal human beings.


That’s why he urged his friends, not to talk that they’ve been healed by him, but to say, they have got the salvation from God.


Then the trials occurred, the witnesses were there, the judge has asked, if they feel well now. ”Yes, we feel well!” the witnesses said and the judge asked:


“Why do you feel well, how does it came about?” “BG has healed me!” was the answer. And that was the wrong answer. They should have said, “BG has showed me the way, how to tune in to the divine force.” Thereupon they have got the healing-not from BG- but throughout of their inner change. But all in a body said, BG has healed them. The judge has testified it and so he has been condemned.


Gröning was prosecuted, because he helped people into divine order


Physicians told him for God’s help not to spread his method of healing, because then they would have no more profit. Therefore physicians were against him. Also the church was against him; because they were afraid, no more people would come to church and they would give no more donations for their own hail. And the public service was against him, because he cured illegal. (From their point of view)


All institutions haven’t understood the work and the task of Bruno Groening at all. It is the greatest grace to follow the words of Bruno Gröning. However, and that’s difficult, then one must really give oneself to the divine guidance, one must really be so far that one can say "Thy will be done" against any logic. For spiritual logic is different from earthly logic.


As Lilo’s life – destined by God – comes slowly to an end, I always prayed: „let her be with me, please let her be with me. I can’t, I don’t want to be without her.”


 In the night before her passing, I was then willing to say “Thy will be done!”


The next morning, I asked BG in spirit, about Lillo. He has answered, I would be told by a phone call. At 9 o’clock then I was told by phone that she passed away at seven in the morning.

It was a wrong view to think I am lonely. I still had Liesl, my faithful care taker for decades. On the third day after Lilo’s passing I put aside the thought of being alone, and agreed: furthermore I will be there for my friends, when they need me.


Afterwards I had written the three books, many articles and hold lectures and so on. God has destined everything properly. For Lilo the path was ended and for me and Liesl a new path has begun. I am so grateful to experience the mercy of a spiritual healing on the third day. That was namely a healing too! Healing from desperation! Healing from sadness, healing from envision of everything has come to an end. What am I living for at all? From one second to next I was free from it, after I thought by myself: ”Thy will has been done and Thy will shall be done furthermore. And as you will, I will be there for the friends.

That was a big cut. There are also little ones, where you have to make decisions; saying “yes” to changes, which we don’t really like; which we don’t want at all.


But in reality everything on earth is subjected to change. If we don’t resist against changes, which is beneficial for us, we will get the power for it. But if we resist against something, which is the right for us, so the heart will turn into stone, the mind will turn into stone, the logic will turn into stone. Then you are somehow plugged in, like an old vinyl, which always circles in the same rill. With this, we very well think it is broken and we should throw it away. So it is just with us. The human doesn’t live anymore, the body gets to dust and the spirit is free for a new start.


The last also is the reason, why we don’t know about our passed lives and why we shouldn’t make regressions. It is destined by God to be free and able to start new. If you have reached a certain inner maturation, and do not suffer anymore when evil occurrences, then you will, if it is right, get the memory back - step by step - from past lives. 


I once asked BG, how it was like in my past life. He answered, that yet I didn’t reach maturity. He even wouldn’t tell me parts of it. If you want to know it, the whole suitcase must get unpacked - you’ve to get to remember the whole context. That happened in the year 1958.


In 1980 my suitcase was unpacked then. Only then I understood, really everything. Why I have to be in this condition in this life; why it is a mercy for me, to be this “petty” bonded; wrapped into the care of my ladies.

You also can learn from circumstances, which seems to be unlucky from the human point of view. If you make a disaster from it, it will be one. If you in opposite learn from it, it will be a mercy of God. That is very logically, you only have to see it like this.


That time in 1958 BG also told me something else: when I will come back to earth in a next life, I will get a new body, a healthy, not handicapped body. I will remember my former life and from this retrospection it will be possible for me to help many people.


So what else is left over for me as going this way? But I’m glad. I went on to this path and I am happy, to be in such near connection with the spirit of BG, so that I can tell and advice the friends to the truth.

Bruno Gröning Original tape: (Pirmasens 1956)


German original words:

05So, liebe Freunde, da sind wir wieder ein Stückchen weiter gekommen, und ich glaube, sie werden mich bald besser verstehen. Aber nie wird das zustande kommen, dass Sie mich verstehen, so Sie sich selbst noch nicht verstanden haben.


Selbsterkenntnis ist der beste Weg zur Besserung!

Na, was sagt es Ihnen? Was sagen Ihnen diese wenigen Worte?

Sie wissen es genauso wie auch ich. Sie haben es auch gehört von Ihren Nächsten. Sie haben es auch nachgesprochen. Aber niemals haben Sie erkennen können, was Ihnen diese Worte sagen.


Also müssen Sie zur Erkenntnis kommen. Sie müssen sich von all dem überzeugen, was um und was in Ihrem Körper ist. Sie dürfen sich vor dem Unheil nicht fürchten, so haben Sie doch die Pflicht und Schuldigkeit sofort Verbindung zu Gott aufzunehmen und Gott wird Seine schützende Hand über Sie halten. Und so Sie IHM jetzt folgen, und so Sie Gott führt, so Sie sich in die göttliche Führung begeben haben und Sie Gott wirklich folgen und den Weg gehen, den er für Sie bestimmt hat, dann wird Ihnen das Unheil auch nicht das Geringste mehr anhaben können. Im Gegenteil: Sie werden sich wohl fühlen, sehr wohl fühlen auf diesem Weg.


Denn da sind Sie niemals von dem Unheil anhängig, denn hier herrscht Gott selbst. Aber wir, der Mensch selbst muss nun mal das Bestimmte so tun, wie Gott es bestimmt hat. Und das ist das Wichtigste, liebe Freunde, das jeder Mensch heute wissen muss. 


English Translation:

05Well, dear friends, there we have come a little bit further, and I believe YOU will soon understand me better. But it will never happen that you understand me, so you have not yet understood yourself.


Self-knowledge is the best way to improve!


Well, what does it tell you? What do these few words tell you?


You know the same as I do. You have heard it from your neighbours. You have also spoken it. But never have you been able to see what these words mean, what they tell you.


So you must come to realization. You have to convince yourself of all that is around you and what is inside your body. You must not be afraid of disaster, but you have the duty and obligation to make immediately contact with God and God will keep His protective hand over you. And if you follow Him now, and as GOD leads you now, for you have entered into the divine direction, and if you follow God and follow the path which He has chosen for you, then the disaster won’t and can’t affect you any more. On the contrary: you will feel comfortable, very comfortable on this way.


For here you are never plagued by disaster, for here God rules. But we, everyone of us, must now do the specific thing as God want that we do. And this is the most important thing, dear friends, that every man must know today.



German original words:

06 Ich weise Sie darauf hin, liebe Freunde, wir, jeder Mensch hat es nötig Gott zu ersuchen, dass er ihn wieder auf den Weg zurück führt, der wirklich von Gott so bestimmt ist, dass er sich da dann Gott nähern darf. Aber erst muss der Mensch von dem Sündhaften, dem Bösen frei werden. Erst muss er sich von diesem lösen. Erst muss er gewillt sein, diesen Weg so zu gehen, wie er von Gott so bestimmt ist. Aber niemals wird Gott es so bestimmt haben dass er den Unrat, das Ungute, das Böse mit trägt, mit bei sich trägt, mit in sich trägt und immer nur wieder über das Böse spricht und sich womöglich sich noch weiter mit dem Bösen vereinigt, wo er sich schon auf dem Weg zu Gott bewegt. Niemals wird es so sein, im Gegenteil. Der Mensch hat die Pflicht sich von allem Bösen zu lösen.


Und jetzt liebe Freunde, werden Sie sagen, ja, was meint er denn da mit dem Bösen? Ich meine nichts, ist die Antwort von mir. Ich sage es so, so zutreffend es auch ist. Der Mensch bezeichnet nur das Böse mit dem einen Wort: Krankheit. Er selbst ist krank, wie er sagt. Es ist ihm übel. Er ist von einem Übel befallen, wo er schon alles Mögliche versucht hat, von diesem Übel frei zu werden. Und es ist ihm bisher nicht trotz aller möglichen Versuche niemals möglich gewesen. Nun, liebe Freunde, ist es doch sehr leicht. Ich selbst stelle auch keinen Versuch an, ich ersuche Sie. Und so haben Sie die Pflicht und Schuldigkeit Gott zu ersuchen, dass er Sie wieder auf den Weg führt, von dem Sie abgekommen sind. Und so rufe ich Sie , so rufe ich jedem zu: Halt, so du wahrgenommen, dass dieser Weg den du eingeschlagen, dass dieser Weg nicht der richtige, sondern nur der Ungute ist, dann halte, gehe nicht weiter diesen Weg. Ich sage: Auf zur großen Umkehr!


Also, den bisher falsch gegangenen Weg wieder zurückgehen und so weit gehen, bis du an  dieser Stelle angelangst, wo du vom guten Weg abgegangen bist. Und lasse ab von all dem Unguten und all dem Bösen, was Du als Böse empfunden hast. Und noch einmal sage ich es , das du mit dem einen Wort Krankheit bezeichnest. Verbinde dich niemals mit dem Bösen, sondern verbinde du dich mit dem Guten. Hier hast du die Verbindung  - die Verbindung zu Gott. Vertraue und Glaube, es hilft, es heilt die göttliche Kraft.


English Translation:

06 I point out to you, dear friends, we, every human being has to ask God to lead him back to the path that is really determined by God, so that he can then approach God. But first man must be free from the sinful, the evil. First he has to get rid of this. First, he must be willing to go this way as he is so determined by God. But never God will determine, that he carries the rubbish within, the evil, the bad, carries it within him, and always speaks of evil, and even unites himself still further with evil while he is already on his way to God. This will never be possible, on the contrary. Man has the duty to get rid of all evil.


And now dear friends, you will say, yes, what does he mean with evil? I mean nothing, is the answer from me. I say so, however correct it is. Man identifies evil just with one word: illness, sickness, disease. He himself is sick, as he says. He is ill. He is afflicted with a burden where he has already tried to get rid of this evil. And it has never been possible for him, despite all possible attempts. Well, dear friends, it is very easy. I myself don’t make any attempt, I ask you. And so you have the duty to ask God to lead you back on the path from which you have deviated. And so I call you, so I appeal to everyone: Stop, if you perceived that this path, which you strike, that this way is not the right one, but only the wrong, then hold on, go no further this way. I say: Up to the great Turnaround!


So, go back the wrong way and go so far until you’ve started at this point, where you have gone off the good path. And let go of all that is evil, and all the evil, which thou hast perceived as evil. And once again I say it, that you’ve described with the one word: illness. Never connect with evil, but connect with the good. Here you have the connection - the connection to God. Trust and have faith, it helps, it heals the divine power.