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OM Protocoll 17.05.2017

OM Script English 17.05.2017

Welcome my dear friends,


Welcome to our online meeting today on May 17, 2017 - same place, same wave, dear friends. My name is Petra Rüther.


Yes, this ocean force, this mighty wave, let us submerge with divine power dear friends, symbolically also for our Bruno Groening movement. It is nice to be with you again and I ask you right at the beginning of these Meetings: please free yourself from anything that could be a burden, be it physical or mental, may it financial or about family strains. Give it all away and let it go, put it aside, so how our dear friend Bruno Gröning recommended it to us. The mental garbage has to be disposed of, we have to let go of all that we have absorbed during the day or in whole life, throw it into a garbage bin and negative thoughts and vibrations too. (Bruno Gröning always said so beautifully): "If you throw the garbage into the bin and put it in front of the door, you won’t go out and dig in it and get it back into the house. They know the garbage collectors are coming and picking up the rubbish. I am also the same: I am like a garbage man and if you want to get rid of the garbage, which you call “illness”, so give it to me, but give it voluntarily, freely, by your own choice, I do not steal! "


And when you have let go everything, you are ready to receive the divine healing power. Watch your body, what do you feel and how the divine energy flows through your body. For this you should be quiet and now look inside carefully. An open sitting position would also be very helpful, please do not cross arms and legs so that the force can flow freely through your body.


Well, dear friends, last week we had our first global meeting (slide) with our Russian friends and it is such a good thought that we all come together to pray for peace and love and ask, the current streamt very strong and we will repeat this also on Bruno's birthday, the 30 May.



And now I show you a video, about peace and that it start with every single one of us…


Music-Video: Let there be peace on Earth…

Now, however, I would like to go on another focus of our community hours, a topic that I also talked about in our German session last week:  I would like to talk about the so-called "charged/blessed objects" today, that is, about things which were charged by Bruno Gröning himself with divine energy and thereby caused immense cures and healing, but also about cures that are still being used today by the "blessed objects" Especially through the photograph of Bruno. As most of you know, Bruno Groening used to distribute photos of himself and this was not because he wanted to be like a “star” in the entertaining industries, but there was a higher reason behind. Further he twisted from aluminium foil some little or bigger balls, initially from the packing material of cigarette packets or chocolate paper. Later then he used whole rolls of aluminium-foil paper and made small and big balls, which varied in size and weight. (Slides). In several cases he even addressed some pieces of furniture, such as chairs, sofas or armchairs, also canes and crutches. When help-seekers got to sit on those “charged” chairs or armchairs, or taking a walking cane in their hands, a healing could be initiated. The one who sat there often felt a lot of heat and tingeling all over the body and other sensations. We know for example that the healing practitioner Eugen Enderlin – with whom Bruno Gröning worked together for some time in 1950) had a few of those chairs in his praxis standing. When patients came they were allowed to sit there for a while and a healing quickly came about. To the balls we will come back later on and then I would also like to report of an amazing cure that happened with such a tinfoil ball in the present time and which came in from Australia from our dear friends Ellie and Terry by Email. I will refer about later on, dear friends.



Bruno Groening said: "Everything has its radiation," and the pictures are the same as the balls or other material items charged with divine energy. What we hang on the wall, what we carry with us, with which we are concerned, everything has its radiation.


About the photos you’ve got from him, he said on 23.09.1950: "It is not just a picture of me, but this picture, this photo still gives you a whole, very big purpose, and indeed, If you just take the picture into your hand, you will feel the power flowing out of this image, which then flows through the whole body as well. And if you meet people here and there are sick, you can also help other people with this picture by removing the pain first. The pain disappears, and evil disappears from the body, gradually becoming a complete cure. "


Further he mentioned: "In terms of the effect of mental vibrations, people have been completely ignorant and still can hardly imagine that everything has its radiation, either a good or a bad, there is no room between."


And about the “silver balls” he twisted, he said the following:


"The spheric globe is the symbol of the highest degree of cohesion, a symbol of highest power and perfection". The ball which I hand out to my listeners during my lectures or at the end of them is the symbol of my followers!"


First of all, I would like to tell you about Fredi's experience with a blessed piece of fruit, a portentous orange, which shows impressively how Bruno Groening used material items at the time and how the divine energy is working. He also addressed food sometimes, such as fruits or eggs. We read it in the book "Powers of the Spirit" by Fredi Hosp on page 94 ff .:


Towards evening, before we wished Bruno Gröning good night, he gave Lilo an especially large, ripe orange with the words: “ And before you go to bed, share this with Fredy. And be sure, you eat it all up!!” he added as a warning. At that time we still had no idea that he knew perfectly well into just how much embarrassment, indeed, into what a painful dilemma regarding our trust in God he had brought us with this tasty gift of his. The weighty cause of this was as follows: Both, Lilo and I, suffered from functional weakness of the liver and gall bladder which meant, as one of its many unpleasant consequences, that we could not tolerate any kind of raw fruit at all. Now and then we would experiment by eating a piece of apple or even one ripe cherry. But up till now we had always had to pay for this a short time later with nausea, vomiting and even pains in our gall bladders.


It was therefore understandable, that we hardly uttered a word as we walked back to our lodging. Once we got to our room, we first of all sat next to each other in silence for a while…

Eventually, with a little sigh, Lilo reached into her handbag and pulled out the ominous orange. The fragrant gem was already lying on the table in front of us and there was now no going back: either we had faith in spiritual help and followed Gröning’s advice or our bad experiences in the past would manage to make us fainthearted, in which negative event, full of shame, we would have to pack our bags and disappear, never to be seen again.

Slowly and without a word, Lilo peeled the fruit, separated it into segments laid out half on my plate and half on hers. And then everything happened on its own: First of all Lilo put a segment into my mouth – and then took one herself from her plate. Oh, how good it tasted!! We both thoroughly enjoyed this thing that had been impossible for us soooo long, fully aware of what we were doing, though we now only thought about how good, how wonderful a ripe piece of fruit can taste. Significantly, at that moment everything else was a matter of complete difference to us.


All at once both of our plates were empty and we were just on the point of leaning back in satisfaction when, almost at the same moment, we looked at each other in utter astonishment: “Do you feel anything?” I asked. “Yeees, do you?” came the reply.

She felt, I felt, we both felt, at the same time but independently of each other and without any previous discussion, the following:

It suddenly became unbearably hot in the pit of my stomach….a current of energy that I had never experienced before we began to flow and circulate…a little later all of this spread to the region of the liver and gall bladder, only to die away in the abdominal area. Immediately after this I experienced the most awesome and amazing thing that had ever happened to me: Both Lilo and I had the feeling that there was a complete emptiness in the region of the stomach, no pressure, no noises, no unpleasant feeling of being full. We simply felt well and hollow, and that’s all. This complete freedom from any discomfort continued for both of us, even after we’d eaten a large meal. On that evening, therefore, two spontaneous and lasting healings had occurred.


When we went to Gröning next day, he greeted us with the following words: “When then, did the orange taste good?” After we had told him about what we had experienced, he nodded his head contentedly: “Where evil has been removed, there is at first a hollow space, which only gets filled with divine power a little later. So you have felt everything absolutely correctly. Now you must take good care and see to it that what is bad can never again – I emphasise – never again force its way into you. You see, when there is any agitation, the weakest place in the body is the first to be afflicted and falls into disorder. Yesterday you experienced for yourselves, in your own bodies, what a weight falls away, when God grants a healing. All thanks belong to Him alone.


The conversation made it very clear to us what an absolutely precise knowledge and understanding Bruno Gröning had of all his friends, all of whom were in truth people in search of healing. When somebody once asked him about this, he replied: “I must indeed know more, see more, hear more and feel more than other people, so that I can know who can be helped and who cannot or may not yet be freed from their present afflicted condition, because they do not yet have any spiritual ripeness or maturity of their own – or because they must learn something from it. However, no one has the right to devalue or condemn a person who has not yet experienced full and complete healing. God alone has the necessary overview and power to ordain a healing at the time when it is most beneficial for the spiritual maturity of the individual concerned. It is therefore so important to see clearly that a healing can only be AQUIRED and never REQUIRED. I must remind you of this again and again.”


The hours flew past and in the evening Gröning drove to a large community in Rosenheim. He surprised us by saying: “It would be good if you could stay here until I come back after giving my talk. Even if it gets very late, it makes no difference. Take in the divine power in complete calm and observe precisely what occurs in your bodies. You will have to give a report to me about it when I come back again.”


Bruno Gröning left the house at about 6 o’clock in the evening and our hostess regaled al with all kinds of treats. And with the aluminium foil balls in our hands we allowed this wonderful divine power to flow through us. I would especially like to describe in rather more detail the occasionally somewhat dramatic occurences that then took place in my body in the hours that followed: I suddenly felt a leaden weariness and was scarcely able to keep myself upright. I was therefore laid out on the sofa and covered with a light blanket. I then became very hot and sweat poured out of every pore. Later on it was as if I was floating for quite a time over my body, first higher and then lower, up and down, high and low, just like a bed sheet fluttering in the wind. I hardly noticed the high fever hat was heating my body and how Lilo was continually cooling my scorching forehead with a damp cloth. As I had lost all sense of time, it was only after the event that I became aware that this feverish condition had lasted several hours.


But then I opened my eyes and had myself put into a sitting position. Only a pleasant sensation of powerlessness filled my limbs, which were usually completely cramped. All at once my forehead was no longer hot. In short, the fever went away as quickly as it had come. Astonished I looked at my watch, which showed half past one in the morning. Gröning came home and asked as usual: “So, how was it?” Lilo gave a brief report on the fever hat seemed to have set in. Gröning nodded contentedly: “That’s very good, because things were being worked on feverishly in Fredy’s body. I was there! Now go back to your lodging and have a good rest.”


Yes, dear friends, from this description of Fredi's regulations, we could learn an infinite amount. Through the given orange, which was charged with divine power, the evil could be displaced in the body, so that a hollow space emerged, which had to be replenished. The evil was burned by the fever. A spiritual healing could only be done when the soul in question is ready and has the mental maturity. This means when the soul can see the connections of the burden, the reason behind the sickness, and why the person has come into this condition. The resulting gratitude should induce the person to recognize the mistakes or patterns that have brought man into such a situation.


As you can see from these pictures, Bruno Groening has also taken an intensive look at healing seekers with eye disabilities. Here, in these pictures, we see with what dedication he took the glasses from the person and how he "responds" to this object. I know that he healed many blind people!


Music-video: Jesus heals a man born blind…


Dear friends, this touched me so strongly. This man was healed and he didn’t think about. He just said, I was blind and now I see : that is fact! And what the Pharisees couldn’t believe him and discussed and discussed, how can that be? Jesus was just a man like them and he could do such things…They couldn’t believe that something happen what can’t be happen, because they had closed hearts…

It was the same with Bruno Gröning. He cured many blind people but what did the physicians say? He can’t do it, because he was not allow to do it, he is no doctor, not a studied man. How he can do something like that?



Now back to our topic of Bruno Gröning and I want to read from the book:



The Great Turnaround by Dr. Kurt Trampler: (Folie 12)

Erlebnisse mit der Gröning-Kugel: Seite 41

Most striking are the cases of the efficacy of the blessed or  “charged objects” which many of Groning's healing seekers have never seen. I have deliberately selected the reports of persons whose critical and trained thinking is known to me, and who by no means have been in danger of being under auto-suggestion caused by the "silver ball.”


In the autumn of 1949, after a few months of bearable pain in my back, a further deterioration began. Dr. Trampler, whom I had long known as a sober idealist, gave me one of your tinfoil balls. When I laid down in bed - ( my health state had forced me for years to write nothing in a standing position nor doing anything sitting down which can be done lying down )– so I took this ball into my right hand and waited for things to happen.


I felt nothing of the expected warmth in my right arm happening, but suddenly; a strong heartbeat started on my entire back. It pulled from my shoulder blades crossing over the whole back and moving down to my loins, and I felt a strong surge of blood circulating and penetrating deeply into their depths; as neither ultrasound, nor short waves, nor infra-red light, nor hottest moor, nor massage, nor the most painful rubbing could ever effect. After this, I had the sensation of blood flowing even in my kidneys. I put the silver ball away- the heavy, almost pounding pulse ceased completely. It reminded me of the leakage noise caused by the escape of steam from a heavy steam engine when the steam is turned off. I took the ball back into my hand - the pulse started again heavy and throbbing. Since I did not smoke, I had no opportunity to do a test beforehand with ordinary tinfoil paper (i.e. from cigarette boxes). Instead, I took some iron screws into my hand, I could just feel them – but they had no effect whatsoever on my body.


In the following experiments, the ball always behaved differently than expected. There was often a burning sensation in the hand or joint, which once increased to the feeling of burning flashes. The severe pain in the disc of the lumbar vertebra gradually decreased.


By chance, on October 1, 1949, I had the chance to go to the Stud Farm “Traberhof” for two hours. I tried critically, but without any bias, to judge what was happening there. The embarrassingly unpleasant feeling of being a healthy person among the sick, which inevitably affects one in front of every "area" such as medical waiting rooms, or large patient rooms elsewhere, I completely missed at the great hall of the Traberhof. All the many patients gave the impression of being purified through suffering, it was a very good human society. I have never "seen" more patience in such strength as there. I shook  Gröning's hand and left. On the following day, unexpectedly; the heavy blood circulation in my back started again, without this time holding the tinfoil ball in my hand. In the following period, I was able to repeat it through tuning in training.


On the 29th of October I woke up at two o'clock in the morning, without pain. Only those who have suffered a quarter-century of pain as a constant companion can gauge the happiness, which such a moment produces. (Many years ago, I made a statement in the form of this sentence: that mere lack of pain means a complete and sufficient degree of human happiness.) I turned to the right, I turned to the left, I was reminded of stages of pain free sleeping positions in my younger years – for almost two hours I was awake deeply enjoying this glorious feeling.


In the afternoon, Dr. Trampler phoned me and asked: "Did you notice something in the night?" "What should I have noticed I answered? " You should have improved!” "Why?" I wanted to know. "Groening was busy with you at midnight."


I do not want to claim that I am cured. But I can work in the garden for hours in the soil; I can follow the tram again; I can feel that walking alone is an active pleasure, rather than a suffering experience. This has been going on for two and a half months now. If by sitting for long periods of time, or when the weather changes my loin muscles tense again, I take a few times the tinfoil ball in my hand and they loosen themselves. There are always surprises: “ I am standing in the express train by the door in the front platform and lean with my right arm on the door frame, which one should not do with rheumatism, at least in winter. The train has electric heating. Suddenly I have the feeling of  leaning against a heating pipe, which the carriage doesn't have - so warm my arm becomes! because I am holding the ball with my hand inside my pocket. “ "Imagination" is excluded, because I am thinking of several different things while looking out and have never observed this feeling of warmth in the arm. I am only holding the ball in my hand because I now have free time.


I have no Bible at hand – there is a verse in a psalm that says... that I will be young again like an eagle..." If one of the many doctors, to whom distress and accident brought me to, had given me this feeling for two months I would have been as grateful to them as I am today to Groning. "

A healing today with an addressed item happened in Australia:

Terry Ryan

Bruno Groning's Friends-


Australia 2017.


Healing of Frozen Shoulder after Surgery


In 2002, I saw a tree in the garden that needed support, I started to hammer a long wooden stake into the ground when I felt a sharp burning pain in the top front of my right shoulder, like being stabbed with a hot poker; this pain was very sudden and very acute but only lasted for a short time. There was a slight discomfort when moving my shoulder afterwards and I thought it was muscle soreness, until one day whilst changing a light globe in the ceiling I heard a click and felt a grinding sensation in my shoulder and when I lowered it, a sharp pain shot up from my arm to that part of the shoulder again. A week later due to the continuous clicking and grinding feeling I felt when moving my right shoulder I decided to visit a doctor.

Ultra sound and X-ray tests revealed a torn “supra spinatus” tendon,  -this is the tendon which holds the shoulder socket in place- I was then referred to a specialist who after studying the tests and examining my shoulder, recommended an operation. This surgery involved stretching the tendon back over the shoulder and stapling it back onto the bone structure.

After the operation while taking off the stitches, the specialist informed me that he had 'filed' a small bone protrusion on the shoulder, before he stapled the tendon back on. When the bandage and sling were removed,  I was asked to stretch out my arm and put it down, when I did this: 'I saw the stars!', excruciating pain shot through my shoulder down to my fingertips and up my neck and head. The specialist explained that I needed to do physiotherapy so that the shoulder would not 'freeze' and to refrain from driving or lifting anything and to go back to him a month later.


I did as I was told, but after a month of treatment and certain exercises at home, I explained to the physiotherapist that I was still having difficulty lifting my hands above eye level, the shoulder was very stiff and I was getting such strong pain under my right shoulder blade that it was cutting my breath off, he said that with continued treatment all this will go away.


That didn't happen, even after another month of physiotherapy and exercises more frequently done. Another month later, the shoulder movement was a bit easier but I still could not get my hands above eye level and the shoulder pain continued.


I consulted a different physiotherapist who after examining my back told me that the surgery had misplaced 3 rib bones and that was the reason that on lifting my arms this was putting pressure on my lungs restricting my breath, and with my wife as witness he pushed the three ribs into place and gave me a different set of exercises to do at home.


Afterwards, I had no more pain under the shoulder blades but every time I raised my hands over my eyes, I felt pain and dizziness followed by headaches. This continued over the years and I accepted that it was something I had to live with.

I avoided doing anything that meant lifting my arms above eye level and when I couldn't help it, I used my left arm which started to ache as it was overly used to compensate for my right arm's restriction.


In 2009, I was introduced to the teaching of Bruno Groning and after receiving help in another area of my body. I started to absorb Healing energy daily.


One evening in 2013, I was tuning-in with a group of Bruno's friends and whilst holding an object charged with healing energy by Bruno Groning himself, I felt a tingling sensation like an electrical current 'running from my right hand, up the right arm, across my shoulders, down my left arm and out of my left hand'. I went to bed at 10.30 that night, and around  midnight I woke up feeling unbearable pain in the shoulders and such a terrible headache that made me feel nauseous. Fearing that I was going to vomit, I stumbled out of bed and  the room started to spin and I felt dizzy, but I made it to the toilet, nothing happened there, so I went back to bed. As I lay there I asked Bruno for help, immediately the thought of regulation came to my mind and then,  strangely even with such pain, I must have dozed off for a while because the next thing I remember was waking up flat on my back, with my arms at full stretch over my head -as if someone was holding both my wrists and ankles and pulling me from both ends- like a medieval rack.  As I laid there stunned by what was happening, I noticed that all the pain and aching in my head were leaving my body,  -streaming out like running water  going out through my stretched arms and legs simultaneously.- A feeling of warmth and well being came over me then and I slept.  I woke up to the sound of the alarm clock and got out of bed, moved my shoulders, turned my neck and gingerly raised my hands above my head. No pain! no headache, no dizziness  and it was no dream! I only felt a slight muscle soreness in the area of neck and shoulders which disappeared during the day.


Since that night, I can lift my hands above my head, change light globes in the ceiling, hang pictures high on the wall  and do any home maintenance without any discomfort whatsoever.


I am very grateful for the end of eleven years of restrictions and pain and thank God and Bruno Groning for my healing.

JESUS CHRIST: The Sermon of the Mount

THE BEATITUDES (explained by J. Donald Walters - Swami Kriyananda) 

The Beatitudes are an “inner” teaching, given to the few who deeply longed to know God. Worldly people, enmeshed in selfish desires, would have considered the teaching irrelevant to their needs. What would they have understood, for instance, from the words, “Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you”? A more pertinent counsel for them might have been, “Don’t participate in the reviling.”

That Jesus was speaking to a more intimate group is implied at the very outset of the Beatitudes:

And seeing the multitudes, he went up into a mountain: and when he was set, his disciples came unto him:

And he opened his mouth, and taught them, saying:

Stanza 1: “Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

Blessed are they who rejoice in their own unimportance in the great scheme of things. By their non-attachment to ego, they live even now in a state of heavenly bliss.

Stanza 2: “Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.”

Blessed are they who mourn the seeming absence of God: Them will He comfort with His love.

Stanza 3: “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.”

Blessed are they who live, not aggressively or self-assertively, but in harmony with nature and divine law: for they shall be supported in return.

Stanza 4: “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.”

Blessed are they who seek attunement with Truth. They alone, of all human beings, shall find lasting fulfillment.

Stanza 5: “Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.”

Blessed are they who, recognizing the bond they share with all living creatures, are more concerned for others than for themselves. Blessed are they who serve consciously as instruments of divine grace: for in their very giving they shall receive.

Stanza 6: “Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.”

Blessed are they whose self-offering to God is effortless and complete, secure in the knowledge that all other desires are foreign to the soul. In the purity of their knowing, they shall see God.

Stanza 7: “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.”

Blessed are they who live unshakably in the consciousness of inner peace; who emanate peace to everyone whose lives they touch. They shall be hailed as instruments of the Lord.

Stanza 8: “Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

Blessed are they who, when persecuted, dare to stand firmly by the truths they know. Through steadfastness to high principles they shall be deemed worthy, after death, to enter the higher heavens.

Stanza 9: “Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.

“Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.”

Blessed are you when your awareness of the truth is tested by the misunderstandings of others, born of their spiritual ignorance. For only by placing truth above human opinions shall you attain wisdom. Great though your tests appear to you today, they are the price of admission into the company of the saints.