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ELSA BLASS Healing Report

Healing Report of ELSA BLASS 1977

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Here you find the translation of this amazing experience report:

Elsa Blass, from Säckingen via Starnberg:


My husband and I are from Romania and came to Austria through the War, even though we had German citizenship. When we were still living in Zürr in Tyrol, my husband was employed by the Railway’s. At the end of the war in 1945, when all the associated laws came into effect at the time, it also happened that my husband became unemployed. Suddenly he had to share the same conditions, which applies to all unemployed people. Since he had 3 amputated fingers on his right hand, he could not handle everything like a full -fledged worker.




My husband gradually became more discouraged and apathetic. When his mental health became affected, he received treatment for a while in the mental hospital in Hall – Tyrol, but his condition did not improve.  What now? How could we continue to pay for this and continue to survive financially? As German citizens that was a sad state of affairs indeed.

Suddenly I read about the miraculous healings of Bruno Groening at the “Traberhof”.  Then, I realized that this man had been given God's power, otherwise he would not have been able to heal so many at once.


How could we get over 4 occupation zones in Germany? Only praying could help us with that. After a full year, we were able to obtain in Säckingen on Lake Starnberg a tiny attic room and assigned a monthly pension of 67 DM. By then my poor husband was totally exhausted. He had become completely incapacitated by his nerves. He could not sleep either and did not eat. The misery was so big that I only had one hope left: Bruno Gröning.


At the end of July 1953, I ran out of hope also because I had followed all the known whereabouts of Bruno Groening and had written to all those places. Despite including return stamps, I received no answer from anyone. That went on for a year, I decided then that I could not bear my husband's mental state anymore. I went to the doctor and described our situation. I wanted to send my husband back to the mental hospital since I could not handle him by myself nor do anything with him at home. But the doctor refused to treat my husband and didn’t want to give him a referral to the clinic. All he recommended was: Go to the council and ask for him  to be arrested and  imprisoned  by the police. I thought to myself, I'm doing a crime now. What should I tell my husband? Let him be arrested like a criminal by policemen? No! I said to the doctor: I can’t do that, the man is not that dangerous! “Yes,“ said the doctor “ I know well what such mentally ill people can do, they are unpredictable, since they need to be tied up in the car, so that the driver can drive safely“.

But then I thought, no, I have to find somewhere this blessed Bruno Gröning ! In my distress I fled to the pilgrimage church "Klosterandachts" and prayed. I prayed even further in my bed at night, because I felt that neither my husband nor I could bear any more suffering.  Something had to happen! Suddenly a thought came to me: Run an advertisement in the “Land- and Sea-Mercury“, then you will find Bruno Groening.


Connection with Bruno Groening and regulation


Yes, I wanted to do that, that was a good idea. But would I have enough money before the beginning of the month?  I only had 3 DM left, will that be enough? I went to Starnberg, and when I presented the add for the newspaper with the wording: "Where can I find Bruno Groening?", it cost exactly 3 DM. I was told there to come at the end of the week for the reply.  During the following  three days, a terrible upheaval took  place in my husband's body. Then I knew it: those symptoms were already the “regelungen“, but at that time I didn’t know how to handle them. They were scary, and a terrible thought hit me: because we had no relatives or acquaintances here, no one will weep for us.  I couldn’t ask anybody for help or support. My dear husband Georg had become purple in the face. Also the white in his eyes had become purple-coloured. A disturbing sight! Now his time has come to an end I thought, and I prepared myself for it. Perhaps something good could still happen, but the facts were: he didn’t wash, he had not eaten for a long time and his purple face indicated that he was finished!


And I went to Starnberg to the newspaper office. Maybe an answer to my question had already come from the add.  And yes, there was a letter from a community leader who wrote the following: In regards to  your add, I wish to inform  you that he (Bruno Groening) is forbidden to heal. But it is not he who heals, IT heals the divine power. Come to the given lectures and you will not regret it. And so I drove to Feldafing near Munich for Bruno Gröning's talk.


When I opened the garden gate of the house were the lecture was to take place, a terrible itching struck my body from top to bottom, at that moment. I thought I had tread on some “itching powder” (chemical pesticide powder) that made one itch and then searched the ground for it. An elderly lady came out and asked me if I wanted to see Mr. Groening. What now? I couldn’t go amongst people in such condition. What should I tell her? I looked desperately for a way out and saw a small grove that belonged to the house. Without saying anything, I ran to the trees as fast as I could to scratch myself and rub my calves against each other. And my whole back, I rubbed and scratched it as well. At that moment I didn’t care, what this lady thought about me, nor the other people who were already there as well.  Surely they must have thought that I had lost my senses.



Mr. Groening came. So this is this God-gifted man! But I wondered if he would have time to come to my husband too?  I couldn’t bring him to this place! Such were my thoughts. Mr. Groening looked at everyone, including me. He said to me, "Stop thinking about your husband!"  I said: I have come here because of my husband. He repeated his statement speaking very energetically: "Switch off!" So, he knew everything about every person who was present there! Then I became more convinced that he could help, “ If only he could visit my husband...!”, that thought didn’t want to leave  my mind.



Well, Mr. Gröning said to the lady, who had been carried down from upstairs just a few minutes before "Do you live up there?" "Yes," she answered. "So go back up!" She replied: "I cannot walk!" He remained: "Of course you can walk!" But she said again, she could not, he then said: "Well, get up and go up those stairs!" She looked at him, then she got up and tried to move one foot, then the second and she went up the stairs. Then she shouted: "Mr. Groening, I'm already upstairs! "Yes." he said, "Go up and down a few times!" and yes, she did! And she was crying and laughing, the lady was overwhelmed by this miracle.



Next to her sat a gentleman. Mr Groening had just looked at him, as he started to tremble, to sweat and to puff, how long did that went on, I don’t remember. Then Mr. Groening said: "Don’t let yourself be led astray. Stay healthy!"


Then a three-year-old, deaf-mute boy started screaming. A woman from Augsburg said: "I can move my legs! I feel so hot, and I can get up again!" Yes, from everywhere the shouts came in, reporting that they felt this “Heilstrom”(healing current) in their body. That was so overwhelming for me! But  I couldn't stop thinking that I could not bring my husband here and  whether Mr. Groening could come to him.


At the end of the lecture, we were so overwhelmed and convinced. Everyone had had something to ask for, and there were so many people!  So I had the presence of mind to wait and be the last one and thought, to start with how would I present my request? He may come to my sick husband. I have no money, just 67 DM a month, this was too much to die from and too little to live. In addition, they wanted to deduct 40 marks from our payment in August because of a misunderstanding. So I went as the last guest to Mr. Groening. I folded my hands before him and said: “please, please, Mr. Gröning, I have a mentally sick husband at home.” He said, "I know. So you want me to come to your husband? "

“Yes, "I want you to, please!”

"So you want me to visit your husband?" he repeated. I nodded.

"Yes," then he said to me, "there is a deep ditch, filled with water, I can’t cross it. You have to build a bridge with me! "


I saw no water or ditch. In a flash, I remembered: Aha! There’s a ban for healing on him! And he cannot come, so I asked, "How am I supposed to do this bridge?" He grasped into his pocket and handed me a tinfoil ball. I looked at it uncomprehending and I asked: "How should I build a bridge with this ball?" He told me: "Put this ball under his pillow, where he sleeps and think of Bruno Groening. At the hours of  3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock day and night I will send, and the man will also get a job." I replied: "But who can work or communicate with such a person? He is a wreck! "Then Mr. Groening shouted at me:  "Yes, there will come such a job, and there he will stay and there he will be fine. Ten years and 10 months until his retirement. And when you get home, you will find your husband different than when you left him. And everything and all will be all right."


I can no longer remember, how I got from Feldafing to Säckingen. I felt so light, so elevated, as if I were flying. When I arrived and saw my husband, I became mindless and speechless. He was sitting on the couch. The purple colour had gone from his face, also from his eyeballs. He looked young. And something was incredible: He had washed himself, had combed his hair and even shaved and had put on a fresh clean shirt. I could not believe it! That man was no longer a wreck. What happened? We looked at each other for a long time. How can a person change his appearance so dramatically in a few hours? He gradually became so healthy that he was able to work again. He got a job and stayed there until his retirement. Bruno Gröning had been right. The tinfoil ball was the bridge and it happened: It helps, it heals the divine power!

We understood, Bruno Groening was not there to put his hands on the purple face of my husband. That became all good. This Bruno Gröning is a human being after all, so how can a man perform such a miracle? That's God working in his body.


But when he said, "Dear friends, when you hear, that my body is not here any more, know that's just a body, named Bruno Gröning. But that’s not me. Call on me. I will be with you just as we are together now and I will be able to help you even better. When my body is recalled, I will not be subject to any earthly law any longer, I am here and at the same time everywhere, where anybody needs me."


When my husband thanked Bruno Gröning for his healing at a Christmas celebration in Westerndorf in Rosenheim in 1958, Bruno Gröning said: "You don’t need to thank me. The one up there is the one who heals, you should thank HIM!"


All that happened during Bruno Groening's lifetime.


But is that indeed different now, because he is in the hereafter? And what about all those who get healed now and have asked him exactly in the same way as we asked for our beloved ones back then? There are sick people everywhere, also from abroad often comes a call for help. I received a letter from Bucharest. A relative lost his speech after the Second World War as a result of gas poisoning. When I stood in front of Bruno Gröning's grave, I pleaded that this relative would receive help. At that moment, I got a terrible scrape from neck to navel, as if I had swallowed a brush. On the third day the feeling faded and disappeared.


On the occasion of our fiftieth wedding Anniversary, this man's niece from our homeland was present there. She reported that one morning his uncle was able to speak again. The power of speech has remained with him until today. He is 85 years old now. These and many other requests have been fulfilled also - all the healings are proof that Bruno Gröning was right. I alone could already write a whole book about the many experiences I heard about.

Since 1953, except for the Christmas celebration, I have had no personal contact through meetings with Mr. Gröning. Only mentally I ask and thank him. That's all. Don’t I have the duty to write in what way everything happened? Yes, I feel obliged to report it truthfully. There are still people certainly who are able to turn to God for help and healing: And there is only one advice from Bruno Groening: "Trust and believe - it helps, it heals the divine power!"