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I will continue to heal.....

Gröning says....


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Charlotte Adam - Witness report about the former life of BG 1949.doc
Witness report Charlotte Adam:

"Declaration about the former life of Bruno Gröning 1949"


The phenomenon of Bruno Gröning.doc

"The phenomenon of Bruno Gröning"

by Hella Emrich, 1976


My mind is halted.doc
"My mind is halted!" Newspaper report 

06/25/1949 Süddeutsche Zeitung (8 pages)

Miterlebtes in den Vorträgen in Gräfelfing - Freiin Anny von Eber Eschenbach - ENGLISH[1].doc

Experiences during the lectures of Gräfelfing 

by Anny Baronesse Ebner von Eschenbach, undated

Experience report Mrs. T. 1963.doc
An electrical current hit me....
Mrs. T. H. tells her connection to Bruno Groening   

T., H., 1963 Transcript (PDF) (5 pages)

Peter Klingelhöfer.doc
Amazing Healing Report 

Peter Klingelhöfer, Kochel, 1960


BRUNO GRÖNING - TRANSLATION - LECTURE - heute schreiben wir den 3. Oktober 1958[1].doc


Lecture of 3rd of October 1958 

" we write the 3rd of October 1958..."

(13 pages)


1957-10-05 BG Talk in Karlsruhe.pdf

This complete tape is known under the name: "The Ant", Karlsruhe, 5th October 1957 (57 pages)

1957 Talk BG in Pirmasens.pdf

This complete tape is known also under the name” The Evangelist”, Pirmasens 1957(15 pages)


Hilde Riedinger.doc

Time Witness report (5 pages)

Hilde Riedinger


A statement of Bruno Gröning himself on 

2nd July 1950 (4 pages)









Constantly the Heilstrom flows.doc (DOC — 30 KB)








Alfred Hosp:


What Bruno Groening said about the body of Freddy Hosp and his mission in life: 


We should accept ourselves as immortal spirits who also have an earthly body. This true understanding should make us happy. Myself, I am slowed down by my disabled body. Why? Maybe I have previously been an impatient person. Now my body slows me down, but I can still work at my computer, and am able to write down all the spiritual teachings of Bruno Groening to bring them to the world in my books. Bruno said that God gave me this as "homework". If I do this work, my body attains divine order and becomes well again. Everything that he said has proved true, up to now has been perfect truth, and so I will not doubt the last thing he said to me, but I must leave the healing time to God. The most important thing is that we should never burden our body with negative thoughts, nor dissatisfaction with the life given to us by God.

Bruno said to me: "Each body is a gift from God". At this time I was in a very poor bodily condition, and he said, "Even your body is a merciful gift from God". Today I know why he said this, and I really want to advise the friends to make the best out of any situation. We should only advise and never force anybody to do anything. Each person has his free will and does the best in his own way for his own situation. I advise you, each morning, as soon as you awaken, to be happy and look forwards in joy and love to the coming day. LIFE is GOD, TIME is GOD, - and a MERCY it is, that we have a body to learn our lessons from our many life situations.



Why do we, as spirits, need a body?

We need the body to learn, through the effects and the impacts of our thoughts and feelings. Which type of energy do we receive - good or bad - from this or that thought? Who hasn't pondered too long in a difficult situation, or mentally gone round in circles for instance, spending one or more nights at it, perhaps? And what happened? Weren't you more weary than if you had been chopping wood all night? If we burden ourselves overmuch with stressful thoughts, our body may even get into disorder and develop psychosomatic diseases.



Cause and Effect 

A short example: I was born a normal healthy baby, but the midwife carelessly dropped me, and I hit the back of my head on the washbasin. One second of carelessness resulted in a lifetime spent in a wheelchair. One could say that this moment of carelessness sealed my fate. But now I'll tell you what Bruno Gröning said: "Yes this was a careless act of the midwife, but she was also a tool, she was the tool that you got to set you spiritually free through this body, to be free in your mind. You never should condemn this woman." Since Bruno said this to me, I have never condemned this woman. I have done as Bruno said; I have accepted my fate and made the best of it.



Life is a way with turnings 


Life can be compared with a winding street of forks and twists. When we arrive at a turn we must take the right way and we know instinctively which one this is.


How can we achieve contact with God's goodness and will? We should think about this. If we do something - if I make a decision and this decision is only for me personally, then this decision is made in the realm of karma, of cause and effect, - but if we decide to help other people to show them the way, we become a worker in the 'vineyard of the Lord' - and this is very important. I want to say about this that it is important that we choose to help others, to show them the way, not just find to it for ourselves. In this way we can each be a tool of God.


Bruno Groening said that everyone has their own ideas about God, and all are different. There are no two people who have the same idea about God. However, if someone says that God doesn't exist, - well, this is also an idea of God, a negative idea! Throughout our life, our ideas can change, and so we may approach towards the divine ‘pole’ or choose with our free will to separate from it.






LISL (CAROLA ROMWALTER) and FREDDY (ALFRED HOSP)                   - speak about their life and times with BRUNO GRÖNING


( translated from a CD) 


Lisl: - and her experiences with Bruno Gröning and a disabled dog 



Freddy's parents had a flat in Munich, in Southern Germany, which many people came to visit. At the time we lived in Upper Austria and on this occasion we went to the Munich apartment, knowing that Bruno would be coming, and that many people will come to see and hear him.


Aunty and I cooked a big pot of good, strong soup - there was a lot to do, and people were arriving early. I prepared the food, the room, the chairs, etc. for them to sit down, I also picked up some extra chairs from the neighbours. Freddy's father worked at this time in the Consulate in Munich and he was there, too. I sent him and Aunty into the room to save our seats. Many invalids and sick people attended. An old lady called from downstairs:


"Help me, please help me - I can't walk up these steps, and my dog has asthma".


Neither of them could walk upstairs, so I hurried downstairs, picked up the dog and helped the lady to come slowly up the stairs. The old lady was more concerned for the dog than herself. She had heard that Bruno Groening also heals animals.


"I am OK - I only came for my dog" she said.


I told her "That is fine", and I managed to get her into last available seat. I had really been rushed, to get all the people upstairs, to deal with them, to sit them all down - and by this time Bruno was already standing in the room. There were two big rooms joined as one for the meeting. I asked him to wait for me as I wanted to tidy myself and do my hair, and he did so.


I went and took my apron off, brushed my hair, washed my hands and went into the sitting-room. I sat on the divan next to Freddy's father, who made a space for me.


As Bruno began to speak, I felt all the tiredness from the day's preparations leave me, and I felt very present in the moment. I 'switched-off' from everything else, and was sitting-up straight. "Thank you Bruno for waiting for me, so I didn't miss anything", I thought, and at that moment it all went away, the tiredness, the hurry, everything. I was just sitting there calmly, and then Bruno started to speak. He said:


"There is a lady here with us, she has been working all day long, she has helped many people. But she has come in here, has given it all away, is calm and concentrated, has opened her hands and feet, like she was taught: and she is completely present, just here."

Bruno commented on exactly how I felt, and noticed that I was fully concentrated in the moment and that I had released all tensions, "If only all people could achieve this..." Suddenly I felt like I was on cloud nine.



Later, the Community Hour meeting finished. The old lady went off downstairs and I thought about her - panting and breathless - when I had helped to bring her up. The little dog was now jumping down the stairs. I said to her, "How do you feel?" "Well,...Yes, I really feel very well. Mister Groening spoke so well and so clearly". "And now you are healed", I said to her. "When you came in here you could hardly walk, and also your dog is better, now". "Oh indeed", she said "I have had a healing".


 At first she didn't realise that her little dog was jumping down the stairs. I said, "I wish you a long and happy life with your charming little dog". "Yes", she said "The dog is very important to me". She came for the dog and now both were healed. Such nice and beautiful experiences I had. Aren't they tremendous?


Thank you, Lisl.



Lisl: - About the coffee break with Bruno Gröning 



This is a wonderful true story.


Freddy's parents lived at this time in Munich and we only had a short way to go to Stephanskirchen (a village near Munich) where Bruno was staying. We were invited to come. At this time we didn't have a car, the nice old auntie was still alive and so we trundled with the wheelchairs right through the whole of Munich. Lilo (later Freddy's wife, also very handicapped and in a wheelchair) was packed up with all of our luggage.


Freddy and the auntie went in front and we followed behind them to the railway station. We were packed into the luggage wagon, at the rear of the train. It was a gay and happy journey, though we were thrown around a lot on the bends, but I kept Freddy firmly held tight in his wheelchair. So we arrived safely in Stephanskirchen, left the train and were so gay and happy all the way. To meet again with our great and lovely friend Bruno Groening and hear his words just made us happy, thankful and gay. You can't imagine our joy, and the pleasure that we felt to meet with him. The sun was shining as we arrived, as Freddy was brought into the house of Mrs. Bavay, who was still alive at this time, and who was so kind and friendly to us.


Bruno welcomed us and laughed and told us exactly what happened; he knew exactly how we had come to Stephanskirchen in the luggage wagon. We laughed together, and then he came into the room looking at me, carrying a tray with coffee and a doughnut. I was so very happy, many people were around and many other things were going on nearby. It was a wonderful feeling, we were all so happy, this happiness I can't describe. You cannot imagine how great it was when we were near to him - you had to experience it. You became a different person, everything fell away, you released everything.

No sorrows - only happiness and grace - were left inside you.



As we were sitting, Bruno, carrying a tray with coffee and a doughnut, was standing beside me and he said: "Eat" - I looked at him, astonished that he should bring me the tray and serve me: "Come on, eat!" he said, and so I picked a doughnut, took a bite and felt a little strange, in a way that I can't describe.



He looked at me and said: "Drink the coffee", I drank a sip and again felt strange, he looked at me and I looked up to him and he laughed at me. I thought - "What's going on? What is happening to me?"



"Eat, - come on eat another piece of doughnut, chew and swallow". I felt like I was ready to fly away.



"Drink another sip, come on drink another sip."

I felt so full up, so very full up - in a way that I can't describe either, just from this little bit of food and drink...



For years, since my childhood I had been reading in the Bible, the story about the wonderful increase of the loaves and fishes. I knew it by heart. The apostles asked Jesus how do we feed this many people with only these loaves of bread and a few fishes? I read it over and again, I loved it so much.



At this moment I thought of this story, of Jesus Christ as he blessed the bread, and how all the people became satisfied and were no longer hungry. Suddenly I felt a bright and clear thought, "Oh, it seems as if this really happened "...


     From the Movie "the Passion" of Jesus Christ



I looked at Bruno and he nodded his head. "Yes, this is how it happened". He knew everything, our thoughts, things we have been thinking for years, he knew, he saw straight through people. It was so amazing...





GRÖNING IN GRAZ 5 -  A series of articles by Reinhold Fellner from "Mensch und Schicksal" [Man and Destiny] Part 5, 1954








GRÖNING IN GRAZ 6 -  A series of articles by Reinhold Fellner from "Mensch und Schicksal" [Man and Destiny] Part 5, 1954







Introduction to the teaching of Bruno Gröning


Introductiontotheteaching[1].doc (DOC — 2 MB)






Handwriting of Bruno Gröning in German incl. translation in English.


Handwriting Bruno Gröning.doc (DOC — 189 KB)






The Trieste document: on October 13, 1955, in Trieste, Italy,


Diplomo of Bruno Gröning.jpg (JPG — 25 KB)





Bruno Groening received an Honorary Professorship, "Profesoro de Psikoterapio" ("Professor of Psychotherapy") from the Universala Akademio de la Regado Kosmo-Astrozofia".



Contemporary Witness Report

Baroness Anny Freiin Ebner von Eschenbach


Contemporary Witness Report2.doc (DOC — 35 KB)





Experience Report

Baroness Sophie von Clanner



Report of Baroness von Clanner[1]c illus[1].doc (DOC — 880 KB)





Declaration about the past life of Bruno Gröning

Charlotte Adam, 21.05.1949


Declaration about the past life of Bruno Groening2.doc (DOC — 29 KB)





From the book "Powers of Spirit"

    by Alfred Hosp





For this reason and with friendly permission of Alfred Hosp we publish here a 9-page reading rehearsal from the book "Powers of the Spirit":


Permitted excerpt from Alfred Hosp and his book Powers of the Spirit.doc (DOC — 45 KB)






Translated Speech of Bruno Gröning at "Wagnerbräu" near Rosenheim, Germany


Transcript BG Wagnerbräu, 12.Oct. 1950 München.doc (DOC — 39 KB)