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26.01.2016 Sound record

OM 26.01.2016 Sound Record

Bruno Gröning's Memorial Day of his passing in 1959

Please listen to our OM special session on Bruno Grönings MEMORIAL DAY:

Enjoy the most parts of our International session with more than 170 participants from many different countries all over the world. 

Thank you to all the moderatiors of our Bruno Gröning Online Meetings.

Please click on the small arrows one after each other in up to down follow....

02Petra Ruether - Herzlich Willkommen, Welcome dear friends...

John A. Reading-1 - Experiences by Anny E.v.E.

Petra R. Reading English - He knew the hour of his death

Music: Russian Singer - Tebe (Poem)

Ase S. Reading from A. Hosp - Fredy's journey to the pink planet

Maebh McEligott - Words of gratefulness

Meabh McE.: Reading A. Hosp - Powers of the spirit

Meabh McE. Reading A. Hosp - Fredy and the glassbowl, The Wall will break

Bruno Gröning ORIGINAL VOICE with translation into English - From the Legacy Tape (Track 1-3) (Vermächtnisband )


"Music: He is exalted" - Family of Mary